To People Wanting to Know How to Prepare for What The Bible Says Is Coming

  • First: The Timeline We’re In Now 

    Watch the news. See what’s going on. What/When/Where will it strike next?


    • Horrific natural disasters with devastating effects throughout the world
    • Violent conflicts erupting daily – near and far. Ever present threat of nuclear WAR
    • Protests/Revolutions looming all around that can seriously disrupt our lives, our economy
    • Nuclear power plants – clean energy with possible radiation leaks – radiation meltdown?
    • Food shortage, increasing food prices – Famine?
    • Drug Resistant Bacteria and Viruses are today’s Superbugs! Diseases – new ones we never heard of … old ones coming back… the air we breathe could kill us!


    Yes, it’s a serious matter. Yes, this is a serious warning. BUT – it’s not the “doom and gloom” stuff you’re used to hearing and dismissing…

    • There is hope.
    • The world is NOT going to end.
    • But – things will get worse, much, much worse. Today’s REALITY – we’re living in it.

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The Two Witnesses – Explain it ALL

The material you are about to read is the most enlightening information you will ever get your hands on.

The Bible may well be the oldest book we still have in print today but it’s content is far from outdated. The Two Witnesses bring out prophecies, written thousands of years ago, for this present time. They prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that “holy men of old” were inspired to write/record events that could only occur in this time period of man’s history.

The Two Witnesses: A truly fascinating subject and a must read for anyone who sees the world today – the conflicts, the diseases, the disasters, the suffering – and knows that something is terribly wrong…

Many have claimed to be the Two Witnesses but without scriptural proof their claims are invalid. When you take the time to read through the facts, you’ll find all the evidence you need, from your own bible, that proves everything you’re about to read – TRUE.

If you’re ready to find out who these two prophesied men are, what they are doing “now” to help you so you can PREPARE yourself and family for what’s to come, then fill in your information on the right for your Free Information Package. There’s no cost or obligation on your part. Just enter your info, and we’ll email you the details.

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