When Yahweh’s Plan is completed there will be no more Gods – anywhere, the Gods are all evil.


Sons of Yisrayl Abyl spoke on the following topics: Being Thankful and Yahweh/There is No Other.


The Great Kohan Benyamin C. spoke on “An Evil Tree”

Numbers today: 4550, 666, 108=18, 12/6=18, 216, 2016, 542, 7302, 612, 7844, 899   

Scriptural references: Mattithyah 7:17, Exodus 32:6, Isayah 20:4, Yeremyah 46:10, I Corinthians 15:39-50  


The Great Kohan Yahodah spoke on Genesis 6:7-8 with definitions, meanings, and corrections from authoritative works showing that mankind will destroy themselves. The Kohan also discussed the early days of restoring The Book of Yahweh via the acquiring of authoritative works. In 1987, The House of Yahweh published its the first printing.

The Great Kohan Yliyah H. presented the news…

  • FDA condemns homeopathic drugs

  • “Porch pirates” during holiday times

  • Cameroon refugees into Nigeria; Philippine murders

  • UN angered over US recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city

  • Jordan’s King meets with the Vatican and France


Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins began his sermon with explanations on December Gods and the Roman calendar.


We are last group that Yahweh chose; our job is to teach the Inspired Scriptures, which also speak of the Witness, Yisrayl.

  • The love of money is a root of all evil; the Savior taught the Truth

  • Yisrayl details the earth, the life therein with its continuous renewal process; mankind is disrupting by evil actions (sin); Yahweh created the earth for mankind’s proper use; to abuse the earth is unlawful

  • A stubborn, rebellious attitude will ruin the earth, and it will not be allowed to continue – Yahweh’s People will guard and keep the earth, they will judge the original sons by Righteousness

  • Yahshua will take His Authority (the ruling Scepter) after the great nuclear burning when Prophecy of “few men left” occurs

  • The Yahdaim hate the Truth, because they do not want to follow Righteousness (asking the Priest and following his instruction)

  • Kepha’s Prophecies (written before the Temple was removed and taken to Rome) about the great burning was known by Yahweh from the beginning

  • Because we believe without seeing, we can escape the nuclear burning

  • Escape the pollutions of the world with the Knowledge of Yahweh – to obtain we must go to Yahweh’s House and ask the Priests – we cannot do whatever we think is right in our own eyes

  • Yisrayl would prefer Yahweh not perform miraculous Works. He prefers for people to believe, putting their full trust in Yahweh, without having to see a “miracle” take place.  

  • We ought not to be surprised when some people leave Yahweh, for Yahweh stated that many would lean on their own understanding (reject their teacher) and throw away their opportunity for Salvation

  • If Yahweh did not spare His original sons because of their sins, He will not spare us if we choose sin

  • Yisrayl clarifies, with Scripture, that Yahweh did not curse the earth, but rather mankind brought the curses upon themselves, through their rebellion, which has harmed the microkingdoms that were created to help the earth

  • Yahweh wants the results of sin to be known throughout eternity


Pastor’s Scriptural References: Mattithyah 4:4; Yahchanan 9: 18, 5:45-46, 8:45; Genesis 1:1-2, 3:17, 4:11, 49; II Kepha 2:4-5, 18-22, 3:10


In Conclusion: Revelation 13 shows that the number 666 represents the rebelliousness of man; this rebelliousness will be burned/dissolved/consumed as Prophecy shows. Therefore, we must follow Righteousness – the 613 Laws of Yahweh.