A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Do not allow anything (including social media and the use of smart phones) to distract us from enjoying the fruit of instruction and the Work of Yahweh, only available at The House of Yahweh today.

Today’s services began with young Son of Yisrayl Abel, Barzillai. His title, Respect Your Teachers So You Can Teach, was a brief and concise review on the importance of respect. With a definition of the word respect from the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, this knowledgeable speaker explained why we should respect our teachers. In addition to Positive Law #172 from Deuteronomy 18:15-19 and quotes from Yisrayl Hawkins exhorting us to come into unity with him, Barzillai stresses to be respectful to our teachers so we will qualify to teach others.

Son of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Yahaqob presented several quotes from our Overseer, Yisrayl, on the deceptiveness of gift giving and receiving. With the potential to fall for bribes, he admonishes us to heed the teaching we have received. Furthermore, the deacon read several articles on the pranks and vandalisms that occur during Halloween – an evil day that is surpassing Christmas and Easter in popularity.

The Great Deacon David refreshed our thoughts on the power of words. Reading Mattithyah 12:34-37, he reminds us that by our words (not only our actions) will we be justified or condemned. He admonishes us to be mindful of grumblings and murmurings, because they could lead us back to a life of sin. He stresses that we should focus on the Work of Yahweh and on our first love – the love of the Laws, to help us choose words that are befitting Saints of Yahweh. Therefore, may our words justify rather than condemn us before Yahweh.

The Great Kohan Yliyah presented recent news events with France declaring the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attack as an act of war, the threat of nuclear confrontation between NATO countries, and Russia’s Syrian intervention, lurk in the shadows of senseless murder and retaliation.

The Greatest Teacher in the world, Yisrayl Hawkins, began his sermon today by stating that Yahweh said we would see, with our eyes, the results of sin. Certainly, we see misery and conflict throughout the world in the daily global news. He also points out that the land around the Euphrates River would see a third of the peoples killed in that fourth part of the earth as stated in Prophecy.

He reminds us of Yahweh’s Plan to protect His Work and His People by establishing said Work in the USA, which is at a great distance from the current turmoil. However, he also reminds us that the US, according to Prophecy, will also come under great tribulation.

Reading from Daniyl 12, Yisrayl states the entire chapter was written for the time of the Two Witnesses and the Spokesman of the two – Yisrayl Hawkins. The following are a few highlights from his sermon…

•    Even Daniyl did not understand the full meaning of the words he recorded. The House of Yahweh, in this generation, is the first to recognize the meaning of Daniyl’s Prophecies.
1)    Greatest time of trouble
2)    Knowledge would increase

•    Yahshua Messiah described nuclear war in Mattithyah 24.

•    The Prophet Isayah described the hail, which is both large ice formations, as well as rocket fire, bombs, and weapons of war coming down upon the people.

•    Revelation 7 shows that the Witness would call for wars to be held back until the number of people are found. They have been found – via Internet and Satellite. Therefore, the wars are no longer held back.

We conclude with a summary of the rewards that await the Saints of Yahweh who endure, in Righteousness, until The End. To him who overcomes, they will: eat from The Tree of Life, not hurt by the second death, eat of the hidden manna, be given a white stone of acquittal with the restored Name – Yahweh,  be given power over the nations, be clothed in white raiment, be made a pillar in Yahweh’s House, and to sit with Yahshua on His Throne.