A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

On this day, our Great Teacher, Yisrayl, asks us to read an article from his blog. Here is the link to the article he referred to, http://yahwehsbranch.com/those-who-worship-gods-are-missing-out-on-a-lot-of-blessings-even-eternal-life/

The Sons of Yisrayl Abel spoke on the curses of sin and the system of force that we see today. This system began as far back as Cain and Nimrod. This system is a tyrannical system that will culminate in all out nuclear war.

The Great Kohan David’s subject, The Persecution of the Two Witnesses and the Whole House of Yahweh, gave us an in-depth study on persecution. Providing a definition, the Kohan explains that it is continuous pressure upon the Work of Yahweh with a constant intent to bring harm.

The Book of Romans (8:35) shows that the persecution will not stop Yahweh’s Work. Yisrayl Hawkins’ teachings bring the persecution. There is hatred for 1) the Names Yahweh and Yahshua, 2) the Sabbath and Feast Days. Why? These Sabbath Days are eternal appointments, and 3) servitude and the teachings of servitude based on Yahshua’s example of serving Yahweh on the Sabbath.

Furthermore, the Great Kohan David also addressed the following areas of study…
– Martyrs of Yahshua
– Persecution of the Two Witnesses, Yisrayl, and Yaaqob
– Explanation of Revelation 12:14-17
– The end of the persecution, and what it will mean for those who endure

The Great Kohan Yliyah presented the news…
• Earthquakes in Italy
• Paris Climate Change Agreement to be “enforced” through the UN with a “shaming” strategy for nations who do not comply
• Moves to impose a No-Fly Zone in Syria
• Elaborate bunkers being built by ultra-rich business men, actors, sports stars, and politicians

Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl, on this day expounded on several news articles and events. He first admonishes us to recall that the peace of Yahweh (with us) will remove fear. The peace of Yahweh calms us down and stops the worries.

The following are but a few highlights from his sermon…
• The Vatican knows our prophesied job. They foolishly believe we are their enemy, when in reality we are their friends.
• The Book of Hebrews describes Yahshua as having fulfilled all the Prophecies written of Him, and He qualified for the Eternal Priesthood after the order of Melchizedek.
• Recent Vatican letter read by Pope Francis demonstrates their lack of concern for humanity and lack of understanding.
• Paris Climate Change Agreement is a means to accomplish Vatican motive to maneuver nations into war.

In Conclusion, Yisrayl points out the depth of persuasion Satan and her sons have over mankind. Consider Adam and Eve – their lives were perfect; yet, they were influenced to choose another way. Therefore, we must guard our minds at all times.