A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…


The “j” was added to the English Language at the time of the King James Version, which deliberately removed the Names of Yahweh and Yahshua and instead, brought forth the names of Gods/lords.


Sons of Yisrayl Abel spoke on Cleansing and getting ready for Passover, Repentance, and Conversion  

  • We need to purge sin out of our lives

  • Ways to cleanse before Passover: stop holding onto grudges, eat honey and butter to choose Righteousness, pray at least three times a day, confess sins, physically cleanse using olive leaf, etc., read Books of Yisrayl

  • Nimrod wasn’t a man but a system of “higher learning” and rebellion against Yahweh

  • Steps to Perfection: repent–be sorry; confess–admit Yahweh is right, separate from godworship; baptism; convert to keeping Yahweh’s Laws


The Great Kohan Benyamin C. on numbers exposing deception

Numbers today: 1361, 2203, 2274, 2267, 1110, 1111, 2266, 266, 2276, 2556, 379, 4014, 4465, 4464, 4474,     

Scriptures today: Genesis 6:4-5, 10:8-9, 49:8-10; Ephesians 4:14, Iyyob 34:8, Romans 1:20, 32; Revelation 1:7, Micahyah 3:2


The Great Kohan Yahodah spoke on Yechetzqyah 10:2-5

  • Wheel means an instrument to put to death, tear bodies to pieces, a weapons of mass destruction

  • Wheel also means complete destruction (Zephanyah 1:3)

  • Verse 5 – the noise of air force, especially the B51, B52

Remember, Yahweh will protect His People; those days will be shortened and destruction will not come near the protected of Yahweh.


The Great Kohan Yliyah H. presented the news. A few articles from the news film…

  • Kenya election is tearing the country apart

  • Yemen,  UN only talks about problems

  • North Korea: threats, name calling

  • Saudi Arabian aircraft shot down near Yemen border causing tension with Iran


Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins began with 1930s facts on jet engine design, and 1945 bombs on Japan.

  • Man is proving that he is unable to bring Peace without Yahweh’s Laws

  • Gods of Hollywood: politicians, women, children coming out on sexual assault charges against the “Hollywood stars”

  • Yahweh is not a God – He is the Creator and Father of those who choose Him

  • HOY is reaching the world. Since January of 2017, we have had 203 countries visit Yahweh.com with USA coming as #1 and India #2

  • Pope says Salvation is free:  https://www.archpitt.org/salvation-is-free-not-a-pay-to-save-deal-with-god-pope-says-2/

  • Yahweh inspired His Prophets and Apostles to record Yahweh’s Words – Salvation is based on Righteousness

  • Exodus 12:12: Yahweh showed all Israyl His Power over the Gods

  • 307 mass shootings have occurred so far in 2017 but only 3 or so are reported

  • Peace Through Strength motto today mirrors Nimrod system recorded in Genesis


On Revelation 12:9 – Satan deceives the whole world; how could she do it?

  • History shows that the 12 tribes did not follow Yahweh’s Laws

  • Last book written in 96 AY – wasn’t written for people at that time but kept hidden until the future day when Two Witnesses would speak

  • Genesis 3:22 shows that the Tree of Life was taken from the people and given back to man in the days of the Two Witnesses preaching

  • Mosheh taught the Laws but he and Yahweh were rejected at that time

  • Only House of Yahweh in Last Days does not worship gods – 4,199 other religions worship gods

  • The Book of Revelation, written in 96 AY, is key to understanding the entire Book of Yahweh; therefore, the complete understanding was withheld until the days of the Two Witnesses

  • 195 nations are all deceived by their god-based religions

  • The House of Yahweh is located in the chief-of-the-nations, the USA, as prophesied; in the Last Days, Yahweh put The Tree of Life back into action

  • 182/195 nations have diplomatic ties with the Vatican, 88 foreign embassies in Rome

  • #88 means water, water skin, paltering sound, necromancer, ventriloquist, bottles, familiar spirits, Hebrew word, owb spirits of the dead, pit

  • II Kepha 2:4-5 shows the original sons of Yahweh were limited in their activities and now they stew in their own ignorance; Pastor warns not to separate from the gathering on Sabbath or face possibility of becoming stagnant in ignorance

  • Isayah 29:4 showing deceptive words of those with familiar spirits but they are limited in what they can do


Conclusion: Leviticus 19:31 says not to seek those with familiar spirits; nations look to Rome for answers and Rome looks to familiar spirits but their darkness/ignorance is the same as it has always been – they know nothing.