A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

The year 1934 expressed in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is word #1934 from #1933 and #1961, which mean to breathe, to live in the sense of existing. The birth of the Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins, born Buffalo Bill Hawkins, as prophesied by the Prophet Isayah, gives us cause to rejoice because we know that the promise of eternal life in the Great Kingdom of Yahweh is at hand.

On this day, the Great Kohan Benyamin continued a discussion on the meaning and significance of the number 40 and he reviewed the number 19. Providing details from authoritative sources and comparing with the corresponding Hebrew letter, we see the number 19 as representing something complete, lacking nothing.

Teaching is never lacking in Yahweh’s House and Yisrayl Hawkins corrects, guides, and teaches according to the Laws of Yahweh.

In the news today, the Great Kohan Yliyah presented a series of articles that present our time as described by the prophets. A few highlights include, Texas floods, meat (including red meat) may be cause of cancer, increasing numbers of people with Herpes and TB, mental illness responsible for fatal vehicular incident at an Oklahoma homecoming parade, and China/US tension escalating in the China Sea.

Yisrayl Hawkins tells us that Yahweh’s Plan was meant to be completed in our time. Reading from Yeremyah (Jeremiah) chapter 23, Yisrayl states that Yahweh shows the results of the world’s efforts and compares it to His efforts, His Work that will bring all His promises to pass through the workers He calls to His House.

Yisrayl tells us that Revelation 12:9 shows that Satan the devil is at work to deceive the world. Yeremyah seconds that by saying woe to the pastors who scatter and destroy Yahweh’s creation (Yeremyah 23:1). Today, we see 170 nations tied to the Seven Hills of Rome, from whence comes the group that admit to changing Yahweh’s Laws, Sabbaths, and Feast Days.

Within this same chapter we see Yahweh’s work of the Branch (Yisrayl Hawkins) working with Yahshua to restore Yahweh’s Covenant to the people. Praise Yahweh that the Laws are not done away with in Yahweh’s House as they are throughout the remainder of the world as shown in Hebrews 10:21, 16.

Furthermore, we have Yahshua’s example of how to keep the Sabbath. Hebrews 4:8 states it clearly – in obedience to Yahweh’s Law. Yahshua served the people and is exactly what Yisrayl teaches in The House of Yahweh today.

That teaching is as Hebrews 4:12 says, sharper than any two-edged sword and we have a second witness to that in Revelation 11 which describes the teachings of Yisrayl and his brother Yaaqob (The Two Witnesses).

Yisrayl presents a couple of interesting numbers as well today. Marking his birth and year of conception, 1934 and 1933, Pastor details a list of attributes from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Then he gave everyone a little more to rejoice over with the time of creation 4004 plus the year of his birth, 1934 which add up to #5938 from #5937 that expresses a time to jump for joy, exult (leap up), to be extremely joyful.

We conclude with words from Deuteronomy 12:5 and Mattithyah 6:33 that both exhort us to seek first The House of Yahweh, The Kingdom of Yahweh today