A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Focus not on the world’s problems and take one side over the other, but rather focus on the fact that the world will continue to have problems, because they “do not know to do Righteousness.” Therefore, let us direct our present efforts to becoming teachers of Righteousness – teachers of Yahweh’s Laws!

On this day, we heard from several Sons of Yisrayl Abel and two Great Kohans. The following are a few points they covered…

• Yahshua earned His Position by the way He lived. We are learning to live by Yahweh’s Laws; therefore, we practice Righteousness as Yahshua. We strive to follow His Example. We learn what to teach, so we can teach what we learn!
• A Two Witnesses mini-study brought pertinent verses to our attention along with an admonishment to join Yahweh’s Last Days’ Witness to get the Message out to this dying world.
• Mankind has been given 6,000 years to prove what their way will bring. The prophetic result is nuclear war and devastation. The Scriptures show the outcome. We are reminded that it need not come as “a thief in the night” for those who follow instruction from The House of Yahweh, led by Yisrayl Hawkins.
• The ten kings or the ten horns as Daniyl described will lend their power to the beast in the last of the Last Days. These ten kings are from the 12 tribes and have a form of holiness. Therefore, they are religious leaders. We now know who they are and where they are from. From # 1 through #10 they are from Constantinople, Albania, Alexandria, Czech Lands and Slovakia, Cyprus, Greece, Jerusalem, Poland, Romania, and Serbia. A site map reveals these are lands in and around the Great River Euphrates. The four who dropped out of their group include Bulgaria, Syria, Georgia, and Russia. For details see http://yahwehsbranch.com/the-great-holy-unrighteous-alliance-these-ten-will-make-war-with-the-lamb-and-bring-the-great-burning/
• An always-needful reminder on controlling our words gave us plenty of food for thought along with supporting verses. We know that we will be justified or condemned by what we choose to speak; therefore, “think before you speak” is an important admonishment. A talebearer tells secrets – they may not be lies, but repeating a private matter is not to be done without permission.
• Keeping our minds set on the Kingdom of Yahweh is more difficult today than anytime in man’s history. Due to increased knowledge, we are hit by a huge amount of distractions. The teaching of the Two Trees in the Garden of Eden is not an idle instruction and influences, whether positive or negative must be evaluated. Remember, not knowing evil isn’t the problem; the problem lies in practicing evil and attempting to teach it to others. Furthermore, when we step out of Yahweh’s Laws, we negatively affect the microorganisms. A case-in-point is the presence of the herpes virus in sea life.
• Satan’s ploy is to separate people. We are warned not to get caught up in the world’s dividing-type arguments such as which political party should govern, which lives matter over others, etc.
• A leader is someone who follows instruction. Look to Yahshua, He followed Yahweh’s Word. Look to Yisrayl Hawkins, he follows the Work Yahweh said he would do according to Prophecy. With Yahshua as our forerunner, we need to be strong and not allow ourselves to wallow in problems and self-pity. Yahshua is our Example and Scripture states He was a man associated with sorrow and grief. Tests and trials should not come as a surprise.

Conclusion: Learning to control our words will help us in all of the above and a great verse to keep in mind is found in Proverbs 30:32… if you have done foolishly and exalted yourself, or if you have thought evil – place your hands over your mouth.