A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Genesis 3:1: Now the serpent was more subtle and crafty than any beast of the field… FYI, the word Vatican means divining serpent, and the word Catholic means the worship of all gods.

Services began with Son of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Nabayah bringing forth a message on having and showing respect for authority. With a detailed definition and a list of reasons for showing respect, the young deacon called our attention to the differences between obeying Yahweh and following the Gods.

Son of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Tawakyah rehearsed foundational knowledge we have acquired in Yahweh’s Great House…
1) Increased knowledge in Last Days
2) Book of Yahweh and Prophecies for this time period
3) Cain’s way of life – violence, vengeance, continual war
4) Carnal mind is always present, but we must overcome all sin and the pulls of the world to transgress Yahweh’s Laws
5) Increased diseases and violence at a set time
6) Choices – choose Righteousness or choose evil

In the news, Kohan Yliyah presented several points of interests: Brazil’s Olympic woes, large numbers of shootings, returning soldiers with anger problems, droughts and contaminated groundwater, and UK Prime Minister admitting she would not shy away from nuclear war.

On this day, our Teacher, the Great Yisrayl Hawkins taught on Yahweh’s 6,000-year plan. Covering previous instruction, Yisrayl added significant information today that helps us “do the math” to establish the timeline along with escalating events throughout the world.

Yisrayl discusses to the sudden (which is not so sudden) appearance of a demonic portable phone video game called Pokémon Go Plus…Not without significance, the game began as a seemingly harmless card game in the 90s, laying the foundation for far greater evil at this time.

In response, The House of Yahweh is in developing stages of a Righteous game to establish the facts surrounding the Great Plan of Yahweh. It will cover the creation, angels that left their first estate with plots/schemes to destroy Yahweh’s Plan, the dinosaurs and their destructive behavior which culminated in destroying themselves are to name but a few highlights of this informative (to build knowledge) portable game. There is much anticipation in the air. Praise Yahweh!

On that note, Yisrayl explained that Yahweh’s Plan began in 4004 B.Y. when He placed man upon the earth. However, Yisrayl clarifies by stating that Yahweh’s Plan did not actually begin until the work of two priests began. Those two priests – Cain and Abel who brought forth two separate teachings that are referenced as two trees, the tree of Righteousness and evil and the Tree of Life.

Yahshua gave us plenty of detail in Mattithyah 7 and Pastor drew our attention to several key points…
– Verses 13 – 14 describe the way of life of these Two Trees
– Verses 15 – 20 describe the fruits of these Two Trees
– Verses 21 – 23 describe the results of choosing the way of Cain, the way of the tree of Righteousness and evil

Pastor makes sure we understand that Yahweh’s Plan, in the beginning, was to make man according to His Image and Likeness; and right from the beginning, Satan has been undermining that Plan with the objective of destroying mankind and all things belonging to the earth.

By the time Cain had his brother Abel murdered, the earth was heavily populated. Abel’s murder is recorded in the year 3875 B.Y., 129 years after Yahweh created Adam and Eve. The exact age these two priests began their actual work of preaching and teaching people is unknown in terms of a precise date, but if they began at the age of 20, then 2016 would see the end of Yahweh’s 6,000-year plan. In any case, the significance of these dates, points to one sure fact – the end of man’s government is at hand.

Furthermore (and likely more information for the game), by the time Noah prepared the Ark, Scripture shows that tyrants and all manner of evil prevailed upon the earth. So much so, that the heavens above were not able to hold back the deluge of rain that flooded the earth for 40 days. To give an example of how this could occur, Yisrayl presented this photograph…

Satan’s destructive plans began with Cain. It will end with the ten kings and the seven hills of Rome that will remain in action until Yahshua returns. Yahshua and Yisrayl caution us by saying we will know them by their fruits.

In addition, Yisrayl asks us to read I Yahchanan Chapter 3, and we take this opportunity to include a verse from the passage…
Beloved, now we are the children of Yahweh, but it has not yet been revealed what we will be, but we know that when He is revealed, we will be like Him; for we will see Him as he is. (3:2)

Conclusion: Scripture states that the whole world is deceived, only The House of Yahweh, established according to Prophecy in Micahyah 4 and Isayah 2, understands the Plan of Yahweh and lives according to Yahweh’s Laws. Yisrayl admonishes us to teach our children Yahweh’s Laws. Caring parents attempt to do right by their children; they are lacking life-giving value if they deny their children the guidance in the Laws of Yahweh.