A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Today we are facing global nuclear war. This is a direct result of sin. Kohan Michayl asks us a question, “Do we really want to go back to sin?”

Sons of Yisrayl Abel Deacon Buffalo Bill and Deacon Yisrayl David brought forth two strong messages on conduct. The following are but a few of the points they made…

• Those who endure and pass the tests set before them, and continue to rejoice, will inherit the Kingdom of Yahweh.
• We must remember to show Holiness through our example. Parents and teachers can show Holiness by displaying Righteous conduct before their children and students – no bickering, control frustrations, practice the Peaceful Solution, and so forth.
• Remember that we represent The House of Yahweh wherever we go; therefore, we ought to conduct ourselves Righteously at all times.
• It is important to think about the fact that we are training for bigger purposes in Yahweh’s soon coming Kingdom. Consider that our efforts today prove what we are fit to attain to in the near future.

The Great Kohan Michayl presented a message that gives all of us an opportunity to reflect upon what is important to us in The House of Yahweh. He compels us to recall our vows and not lose sight of Yahweh’s Plan for our lives. Yahweh does not give up on us; therefore, we ought not to give up on ourselves. A Righteous man/woman may fall, but he/she gets up, learns from his/her mistakes, continues to fight the Righteous fight, and pursues to win the race set before him/her.

With Mattithyah 22:15-22 as the basis for study, Kohan Michayl details what it means to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to Yahweh the things that are Yahweh’s. The following are but a few of the main highlights…

• Mattithyah 12:50 establishes the fact that our family are those who keep the Laws of Yahweh.
• To love our brothers and sisters as ourselves is not a statement of conceit, because we understand to love ourselves is to keep Yahweh’s Laws. Yahweh’s Laws are a benefit to all.
• Genesis 39 gives us an example of a young man (17-year-old, Yahseph) who was diligent in his work and proved to be a man of integrity. He literally ran from sin, and Kohan Michayl encourages us to do the same.
• Those who would bemoan leaving “things” behind, he kindly disciplines us by reminding us that we didn’t give up anything when we answered Yahweh’s call to repent from sin. “We had nothing to begin with.” We did not give up anything; we left it (sin) behind us. We had nothing of value before The House of Yahweh.
• Mosheh and Yahshua, along with Yahseph, are great examples of men who were greatly tempted by the world, but they chose the way of Yahweh instead.
• Scripturally we understand to guard our minds, but Kohan Michayl admonishes parents to guard their children. Do not give them “freedom” to explore the world, for they are not able to conduct themselves Righteously among the unrighteous. Do not “share” the lives of our children with others and their negative influences. Yahweh has given them parents to guide them according to Yahweh’s Laws.
• Render to Yahweh what belongs to Yahweh. Train children in the way they should go.
• Visiting is another trap; therefore, do not gather in unlawful settings. The Kohan encourages us to seek further clarification if needed. Ask at Abel.
• To anyone who says, “I cannot work with that person,” Kohan Michayl has this to say, “Liar!” He explains that a person can get along with anyone if he or she accepts that person. First, we ought to recall that Yahweh called each person to His House and having begun a Righteous work, He is able to see it to completion.
• Do not conform to today’s fashion trends. “Fashion belongs to the world – let them have it.” We belong to Yahweh and when we render to Yahweh what belongs to Him, we dress modestly. This shows love and respect to ourselves, and our brothers and sisters. Furthermore, be wary of double standards. We cannot dress modestly when we attend Sabbath Services and immodestly elsewhere.
• Isayah 49 states that Yahweh will be glorified through His Servant, Yisrayl. Glorified means to make clear, and it is a for sure thing that our Teacher explains Yahweh’s Laws, Plan, and Prophecies fully and simply – like an Okie! Because of Yisrayl, we know Yahweh!

In Conclusion: Don’t forget our vows to Yahweh. Don’t desire to go back to sin. The Law is what we need. If we find ourselves bored, it is because our minds are not where they should be. Nothing is boring in Yahweh’s House. Nothing is boring in Salvation. Nothing is boring in desiring to become like Yahweh.