A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Since January 2016, The House of Yahweh websites have received “hits” from 187 out of 196 countries. The congregation gave shouts of Praise Yahweh! It seems the great multitude is “tuned in”!

Sons of Yisrayl Abel, Odahyah and Deacon White Buffalo, took the opportunity to rehearse the Laws of Yahweh. The following are two areas they covered on this day.
1. Do not follow the crowd to do evil. Exodus 23:2 and Proverbs 1:10-15 support the topic along with quotes from Yisrayl and Yahshua on the behavior of wolves (in sheep’s clothing). We will know them by their fruits, whether they are Righteous or evil. The House of Yahweh is the Righteous tree, which brings forth Righteous, peaceful fruit.
2. The Pope does not have authority from heaven to change Yahweh’s Laws, yet that is what is coming forth from the Vatican. Reading from Acts 10:9-16 on the Apostle Kepha’s vision, it is clear there is no justification for eating unclean animals, including the pig. Side notes “G1” and “a” from The Book of Yahweh clarify clarifies the subject, and Mattithyah 5:17-19 provide backup supporting verses.

The Great Kohan Benyamin describes two gatherings from The Book of Yahweh along with a series of dates, cloud sightings, and their respective definitions. From Scripture, he read Revelation 16:13-14, 16, II Thessalonians 2:1 and Revelation 17:13-14. Kohan Benyamin also rehearsed excerpts from The Mark of the Beast, Volume II. He encourages us, as our brother Kohan Yedidiyah, to read these books, stating, “It is like reading today’s news 40 years ago.”

In the news, the Great Kohan Yliyah presented several clips that line up with Prophecies. The following are a few recent events…
• Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu refused Quartet proposal for peace.
• Serious post war consequences continue to devastate 4.7 million Iraqi children who are in need of humanitarian help.
• Doctors paid by drug companies to the tune of 6.5 million.
• US will not stop “justified” drone signature strikes.

Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins, begins by stating that The House of Yahweh is the only religious organization teaching peace. We do not justify wars. We do not retaliate. We do not seek revenge.

The following are a few points Pastor covered today…

• Revelation 17 speaks of ten religions that make war against the Lamb – they will be given more authority to attack The House of Yahweh. Pastor admonishes us to remember Yahshua’s words and not deny Yisrayl, Yahshua, or Yahweh’s House. We can set our minds in advance for answers we will give.
• Cain gave orders – he did not directly kill Abel, he was part of an organization that worshipped gods, an organization that held to conquering through violence and wars.
• The Prophet Malakyah wrote his book 400 years before Yahshua. Mosheh wrote part of the Book of the Law, Abel wrote the biggest part, and those who followed, like Noah, were trained by their writings. It was the same with Yahchanan the Immerser, he studied according to these writings; he spoke out against the King based on Yahweh’s Law. We know how his story went – he was arrested and beheaded for speaking up against sin.
• Sin is what brings confusion. Yisrayl spoke against gay marriage and explained what problems would follow.
• Pope Francis states the Catholic sacrament of marriage is defective. However, instead of telling people to conform to Yahweh’s Laws and conduct themselves within holy marriages, the Pope states the Law needs changing.

In Conclusion, Pastor exhorts us to choose Righteousness, never deny Yahweh’s House, and remain steadfast so we can earn a place in the Everlasting Kingdom of Yahweh.