A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

The Sons of Yisrayl spoke on Yahweh’s Laws and Yahweh’s Attributes.

The Great Deacon Benyamin expounded on characteristics of honey from pollinating bees on the acacia tree family, specifically the mesquite trees so prevalent in the southwest. Pastor has been telling us about the benefits of honey for years, and the deacon brought many of those benefits to our attention, which encourages us to remember Yisrayl’s teaching on taking a spoonful before bed to heal the liver.

The Great Kohan Benyamin continued the study on the Oslo Agreement and Resolution 2334. He added information on a recent Paris Conference – Pour La Paix au Proche-Orient (translated Peace in the Middle East). He read verses from Daniyl 9.

In the news presented by the Great Kohan Yliyah:
• Inauguration of 45th US President with street violence and riots
• Interview with Jack Ma on loss of US jobs having more to do with mismanaged and excessive government than spending on war
• Christopher Columbus did not live up to today’s popular opinion, and many do not see need for a Columbus Day but rather an Indigenous Day based on the cruelty many peoples suffered under Columbus’s leadership when America first “discovered”
• US backing of Saudi strikes on Yemen leaving thousands of children in starving conditions

Yisrayl Hawkins begins his sermon by telling us that people are beginning to place importance on the bible once again. We Praise Yahweh for The Book of Yahweh!

A few points from Yisrayl’s sermon:
• The Promise was given to Adam/Eve, Cain/Abel. It was (and is) a Promise of Life Eternal if they (we) chose (choose) to guard and keep Yahweh’s Way. However, many turned to sin under Satan’s deception. Sadly, many still choose the way of the Gods.
• Reading verses from Iyyob 38, Yisrayl explains that Yahweh answered Iyyob when he could not understand why he was suffering. We can learn that lesson today. The Tree of Life was explained then, and it is now, through our Teacher, Yisrayl.
• To help us understand, Yisrayl read from Genesis 1:1-2, Psalm 82:1-6, Genesis 3:5, and Yahdah 5-6.
• The original sons were joyous over Yahweh’s Creation of the Earth. However, they left Yahweh’s Way and brought their – fun – to the earth and destroyed it (Genesis 1:2)
• Then Yahweh made man in His Image, and Yisrayl states all “rulers” will fall. We are to follow Yahshua’s example of service.

Yisrayl also read key points on several news articles. A partial list follows:
• Not Just Paul Ehrlich Vatican Also to Host Talk By Radical Population Council
• “Peace Through Strength ”President Trump’s White House announces” America first, “takes down climate change page”
• Attempts at Peace in Middle East

Yisrayl continues on “four winds””

• Reading verses in Daniyl 11 and 12, Revelation 7 and 18 bringing us to our time in history. Prophecy shows the completion of the seven-year peace plan and the Vatican’s plan to divide the land for gain.

In Conclusion Yisrayl reminds everyone to seek Yahweh’s House for Salvation and recognize the main reason we are here – to turn many to Righteousness as Daniyl 12:3 states.