For Those Who Want To Learn The Truth About The Creator’s Name and Want Your Prayers Heard

What you are about to read is a true eye opener, well worth every minute of your valuable time

First: The World Today

Seems there’s a religion for everyone. There are so many different religions that it is difficult to calculate the number of them. However, one thing they all have in common is that they call upon their own God; each believing their God is superior to the others.

Second: The Observation

Religions and religious beliefs abound yet we still have unrest, strife, misery, sickness, confusion, murder, thievery and the like – there is basically no end in sight. Wars are fought in the name of religion and fought in the name of the God whom they serve. Try as we might we can’t get along. Even “agreeing to disagree” breaks down when valuable trust is broken and conflict arises.


Third: The Obvious Question

If literally thousands and thousands of people pray and pray for a better, safer, more peaceful life, then Why Aren’t Their Prayers Answered?


FINALLY: The ANSWER – People are NOT praying to the Creator when they are praying to God. The Creator Has A Name. We “all” need to pray to the Creator by His Name. God is not a proper Name. God is only a title.

There are some who say… “Do not pronounce” His Name. “It’s too holy to pronounce” – they are wrong.

There are some who claim to know His Name – the correct spelling and pronunciation is not enough to KNOW the Father.

You have the opportunity “TODAY” to discover the True Name of the Creator. You also have the opportunity “TODAY” to learn more about your Heavenly Father.

There is a reason the world is in the chaos that it’s in. Yes, a reason! The Creator has a Plan, a Superior and Perfect Plan for all mankind – no dividing religions.


The Creator Has A Name

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