A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

“We can’t lie to Yahweh,” therefore there is no point in lying to counselors who are appointed to help us overcome all sin and come to the perfection of Yahweh’s Righteous character.

Quoting Yisrayl Hawkins and by reading pertinent scriptural verses, Sons of Yisrayl Abel, Yeshurun and Abishalom delved into the subject of Satan and her abilities to deceive through lies and influences. Drawing our attention to the craftiness of Satan and her religion-preaching followers, these young future Priests encouraged us to remain focused on our studies as taught in The House of Yahweh, repent of all sin, and strive with all our might to stay strong for Yahweh.

The Great Kohans Yliyah and Benyamin brought out details surrounding the lives of several of Yisrayl’s family members as well as the recent sighting of two green comets coming close to Earth this month. Making connections between dates, times, events, and related numbers, the Kohans stressed Yahweh’s ability to record minute details, as they pertain to these Last Days, thousands of years in advance. Yahweh is All-Powerful and Mighty and, according to Scripture, secrets are revealed in this time period. Furthermore, Yahweh shows that His House and His Work will be prominent and glorious as Prophecy states.
In the news …
• Heroine drug overdoses reaching epidemic levels in community after community, raising alarm bells everywhere, knowing that the use of opioid-painkillers have produced many addicts.
• “Toxo” (toxoplasma gondi) is an infection from contact with cat feces and food-borne transmission. It is linked to mental health problems – big time.
• Brussels terrorist explosions strike fear and chaos in Belgium killing and wounding many innocent lives.

Yisrayl Hawkins continues on Yahweh revealing specifics of the Last Days’ Work through numbers.
• Yisrayl was 21 years old when his mother died, and he calls our attention to Righteous efforts of mothers in the Plan of Yahweh.
• He tells us that the numbers we are studying serve as evidence of Yahweh’s Plan by showing us that Yahweh had this all laid out from the very beginning.
• Through this, we see that our part is to overcome sin and to rejoice in the Laws of Yahweh, knowing we will have the greatest opportunity of all time – we will teach the nations to turn from war and the breaking of Yahweh’s Laws of Life.

On this day, Yisrayl taught from Deuteronomy 12:1-2, Zecharyah 4:2,6,12, and Yechetzqyah 14:13-14, emphasizing that unlike the twelve tribes of Israyl, we will not resort to violence to correct the world and its problems, but rather we will teach, by word and example. He also referenced Genesis 49 and Revelation to show what the twelve tribes would bring upon the world, because they rejected Yahweh’s Laws, and even with mounting evidence, they will not repent of their deceit, lies, trickery, iniquity, and sins.

Today, we are at the very peak of sin, and Yisrayl takes this moment to remind us to stay loyal to our vows upon baptism.

Therefore, we conclude with Yisrayl’s admonishments on how we should think at this time…

• “Yahweh is watching me!”
• “I want to be Righteous!”
• “I love Yahweh and His House above all (awl) else!”