A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Going over the Great Plan of Yahweh, Yisrayl Hawkins encourages us not to let anyone pull us away from the Work of Yahweh to which we were called.

Son of Yisrayl Abel, Yoshiyah reminds us on the value of our tests and trials. Scripture shows that Yahweh allows this in order to build us to Perfection. Therefore, we need all our tests, and we should endeavor to count them as a joy in our lives. Consider the strength of our character when we go through difficulties without complaints. Those who endure and overcome, Yahweh will give Eternal Life.

Deacon Shalomo explained influences with emphasis on Satan’s efforts to deceive people into worshipping gods and goddesses. This worship denotes the mark of the beast that the lying pen of the scribes and religious preachers have wrought upon people throughout the earth. The Deacon read I Kings 13:14-26, to show the effects of deceit. Praying to hidden gods when saying “amen,” is another example of deception.

The Great Kohan Benyamin brought us Scripture and expounded on Yahweh’s Laws of Liberty. He explained that True Mercy is teaching people to repent of sin and convert to keeping Yahweh’s Laws – this indeed is being set free from sin and misery. Events and dates present the Gathering that is building at this time that will soon find its way to The Great House of Yahweh. Romans 8:18-21 reveals that the People of Yahweh will teach the nations.

The Great Deacon Tobyah described the nations in turmoil. He quoted Yisrayl Hawkins from 2011, saying that war is big business and not surprisingly, nations today boast of their weaponry with long-range capabilities as they spend billions of dollars to show their military might. We are reminded that the Feast Days will be our opportunity to teach the nations to put down their weapons and learn the ways of Peace.

The Great Kohan Yliyah presented a lengthy news clip to show the state of today’s world. From viruses such as Zika and the connection of Herpes to Alzheimer’s, to opioid painkillers directly related to deaths by overdose and illegal substance abuse such as heroine, we see a world being primed for medicinal marijuana as the better evil to solve human pain from all kinds of ailments (the curses of sin). Furthermore, war, conflict, and hunger are ongoing as the blame game continues.

Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl tells us that Yahweh has allowed mankind to go his way from the beginning, but He will not permit this Last Work to “go down.” The twelve tribes were never in bondage, per se, but we know that they have been in bondage to sin, because they rejected Yahweh and His Laws. Yahdah is the lawgiver and continues to hold this position, although Yahshua has qualified for this Authority, yet has not received it. All things are according to Yahweh’s Plan and Yahchanan (John) 1:1-3 shows that everything has been according to Yahweh’s Plan all along.

Rome was founded in 753 BY, (Before Yahshua), which was also before the Prophet Daniyl wrote his Prophecies for the Last Days. Pastor explained Yahshua’s Teaching that compared the Kingdom of Yahweh to a householder with a vineyard and laborers. His Teaching describes the violent men who took Yahweh’s Work over by force, the murders that took place and the fear tactics they used.

Yisrayl also explained that Salvation is authority that Righteous men and women before us have not received yet, and they will not until we have done our work and the work of the resurrection. Salvation/authority is very different from the popular belief of what constitutes “going to heaven”.

In Conclusion: But for you, who reverence My Name, the light of Righteousness will arise with healing in its wings; and you will go out, leaping likes calves released from the stall. (Malakyah 4:2) Therefore, we reiterate Pastor’s words – do not let anyone pull us away from the Work to which we were called!