------ 2021 ------
Yahweh-06-2021 The Coronavirus Will Not Cease Or Go Away Until All Seven Plagues Are Completed – Revelation 9 and 16.
Yahweh-13am-2021 The Tribes Of Yahdah Rules The Earth (Genesis 49:8-10) Given By Blood: Yahshua Has Qualified To Take That Position. (Hebrews 1)
Yahweh-13pm_14pm-2021 Yahshua's Memorial and Seder.
Yahweh-15-2021 The Contract We See Now Here On Earth With Satan And The Quartet Is Failing And Prepared To Take It’s Own Life- The Living Will Bow Their Knees To Yahweh.
Yahweh-16-2021 Women Presentation: Be Like Yahshua.
Yahweh-17-2021 Women Presentation: Be Like Yahshua.
Yahweh-18-2021 Women Presentation: Unity – Be Yahshua.
Yahweh-18-2021 Women Presentation: Unity – Be Yahshua.
Yahweh-19-2021 Men Presentation.Kohans - Yliyah M., Kepha R., Banahyah, and Michayl
Yahweh-20-2021 Yahweh’s Name Is Firmly Set Above The Stars, He Is At This Time Setting Our Glory Among The Heavenly Beings.
Yahweh-21-2021am The House Of Yahweh Is The First Part Of The Kingdom Of Priests. The Two Billion Coming In This Year Is The Second Work Among The Seven Last Plagues.
Yahweh-21-2021pm The First War Is About To Start In The Fourth Part Of The Earth Around The Great River Euphrates - A Third Part Of Men Killed.
Yahweh-27-2021 Comparing Coronavirus To Baby Calves Released To Their Mothers.
Abel-04-2021 The Last Three And A Half Years All Prophesied Yahweh Watching Each One He Calls.
Abel-11-2021 Yahweh Is The Only Being Who Can Foretell The Future Accurately In Advance. Isayah 45:21-22..
Abel-18-2021 It’s Not Going To Get Better, It’s Going To Get Much, Much Worse. This Is The End: About Thirteen Months Left!
Abel-25-2021 We’re In The End, The Last Half Of The Three And A Half Years, Which Is The Last Half Of The Seven Years Of Daniyl 9:27.
Noah-03-2021 Speaking To The Nations. Getting The Leaders Together To Train By The House Of Yahweh.
Noah-04-2021 Women’s Presentation: Fight Disunity, Build Unity.
Noah-05-2021 Men Presentation
Noah-06-2021am This Time Period Now, And The One-Fourth Part Of The Killing In This Time Period Is The Same Time As The Time Of Gathering – Revelation 7.
Noah-06-2021pm Dinner And Invitation - Getting Ready To Come To The City Of Yisrayl
Noah-10-2021 Pope Is Saying “Pandemic Is Over” And They Are Making Plans To Form A New World Government.
Noah-17-2021 “Revelation 20:4” – For The Family Yahweh Is Raising. The Way To Enter: Acts 3:19 and Mattithyah 6:33.
Noah-24-2021 The Great Gathering Is Taking Place As I Speak – They Are Forming In Many Nations Preparing To Come To The House Of Yahweh To Learn The Peaceful Solution.
Melchizedek-01-2021 The Reason Yahweh Took Eternal Life From Mankind In The Beginning And Prophesied A Time That He Would Establish The House Of Yahweh (The Tree Of Life) Again.
Melchizedek-08-2021 The Prophecy Of Daniyl 9:24-27 Shows The Seven Year Peace Treaty Over Which The Nations Are Struggling With Today Along With A Small Piece Of Land On The Temple Mount.
Melchizedek-15-2021 How To Prepare Yourself For Your Invitation With Yahweh.
Melchizedek-22-2021 World Events. Their Sins All Being Shown In The News, As Well As The Prophecies. Vatican Sends Pope To All World Leaders (Instructions To Come In Following Sermons).
Melchizedek-29-2021 Women’s Presentation: You Can Only Come Into Unity By Coming Into Complete Unity With Yahweh’s House: Believing Into The One Sent Yahshua And The One He Sends In These Last Days, Yisrayl Hawkins.
Abraham-07-2021 Clean Your House And Your Chicken House.
Abraham-14-2021 Men’s Presentation: Deacon Barzillai, Kohans Mattithyah A., Zephanyah, Levi, Shemuyl
Abraham-21-2021 Women’s Presentation: Righteous Endurance.
Abraham-28-2021 Men’s Presentation: Benyamin A., Deacon Yoshiyah H., Kohans Parayah, Conanyah, Nathanyah, Michayl
Isaac-05-2021 Women’s Presentation: Encourage And Inspire, Pastor - The Corona Virus Will Not End Until “The End”, Which Is Nuclear Desolation!
Isaac-12-2021 The Book Of Yahweh Is The Source Of All Knowledge.
Isaac-19-2021 The Book of Yahweh Is The Source Of All Knowledge: It’s Being Used To Build A Kingdom Of Priests To Guide The Universe To Unity.
Yahaqob-01-2021 Chicken Feed Poisons The Whole Earth.
Yahaqob-03-2021 Women’s Presentation: Comfort + Warning – This Is The End.
Yahaqob-10-2021 All Power In Heaven And Earth Is Going To Be Given To Man.
Yahaqob-15-2021 Welcome Home! The Pope By Direction Of Yahdah (Genesis 49) Is Teaching False Doctrine That Has Brought About The Seven Last Plagues. (Revelations: Chapters 9 & 16)
Yahaqob-16-2021 Women’s Presentation: What A Joy To Be Called In These Last Days
Yahaqob-17-2021 Yahweh Created Mankind And Put Him In Charge Of All Food To Keep It Clean And Eternal Life Producing.
Yahaqob-18-2021 Men’s Presentation - Kohans Malakzadok, Yliyah M., Levi J. and David H.
Yahaqob-19-2021 Women’s Presentation: Bridging The Gap.
Yahaqob-20-2021 Men’s Presentation: Bridging The Gap.
Yahaqob-21-2021 Men’s Presentation
Yahaqob-22-2021am Yahweh Worked For Two Thousand Years To Cleanse The Bloodline Of Yahshua So We Could Have Yahshua As Our High Priest.
Yahaqob-22-2021pm Kohan Benyamin C. Hawkins Yisrayl’s Closing Statements At The End Of The Feast.
Yahaqob-23-2021 Women’s Presentation: Unity Again?, Overseer Yisrayl Hawkins - The Competitive Religions Of Satan #1.
Yahaqob-24-2021 The Competitive Religions Of Satan #2.
Mosheh-02-2021 Prophecy Has Never Been Wrong. The House Of Yahweh Was Established To Teach Mankind A Lesson.
Mosheh-09-2021 Going On To Perfection #22. Coming To Unity In These Last Days, In Agreement With The Every Word Of Yahweh.
Mosheh-16-2021 Women’s Presentation: Trust In The One Sent And Endure Until The End.
Mosheh-23-2021 Get Ready To Drink This Cup With Yahshua, It Requires Humility.
Samuyl-01-2021 Yahweh’s Plan To Bring Peace, Joy, & Abundant Living #4 Food Of The Holy Spirit
Samuyl-08-2021 The Subconscious Mind Will Be Given To Yahweh’s Saints In This Generation.
Samuyl-15-2021 The House of Yahweh Is Renewing The Minds Bringing Them To The Point Of Walking On Water, Creating And Maintaining Flesh And Raising The Dead.
Isayah-25-2021 He Who “Endures Until The End” Is Not What You Think!
Yahshua-02-2021 Next Step The World Will Make Is A Third Part Of Men Over A Fourth Part Of The Earth In And Around The Great River Euphrates Will Die!
Yahshua-16-2021 Three 1900 Year Cycles: Starts With Abraham And Sarah With A Promise To Abraham - The Last 1900 Year Cycle Is This Present Time Period.
Donkeys-01-2021 “Where Do We Stand In Scriptural Prophecy?” Daniyl 9:27
Donkeys-08-2021 Nothing In THe World Is Going To Get Better. But There Is An End Of Sin. The Cold Spell We Just Had, Will Get Colder And Viruses Will Spread.
Donkeys-22-2021 The Nuclear Baby, The Nuclear Freeze, Darkening Of The Sun And The Gathering Of Yahweh's Saints, Are All Tied Together With The Actions Of The Beast And The Actions Of The House of Yahweh.
Donkeys-29-2021 The First Beast That Had The Wound And Did Live - Being Formed Again By The Roman Catholic Church And The U.S. (Christian And Caholic: Two Horns)
------ 2020 ------
Yahweh-10-2020 The Seven Last Plagues – We Are In The Last Of The First. The Cure Is “Time” – Five Months.
Yahweh-15-2020 Covid-19 Will Leave After Being Here For Five Months. It Will Leave As It Also Came. Yahweh’s Kingdom Will Take Over After The Seven Last Plagues Take Place.
Yahweh-16-2020 Youth Presentation: How Can We As Young People Endure Until The End.
Yahweh-17-2020 Yahweh’s Judgment Is Set!
Yahweh-18-2020 Holy Women Of New Presentation: This Is The End – It’s No Surprise To The House Of Yahweh.
Yahweh-19-2020 Yahweh Makes You Wise To The Little Things, The Microorganisms.
Yahweh-20-2020 Holy Men Of New Presentation: 1) Eat It In Haste. 2) The Last Days: The Last Plagues We Are At The End. 3) Trust Yahweh. 4) Prepare For The Gift Of Spirit Holy.
Yahweh-21-2020 The Plagues Are Coming, They Won’t Wait On You. You Need The House of Yahweh
Yahweh-21-2020 The Break Between Plagues One And Two Will Give Everyone A Chance To Get To The House Of Yahweh. (Mattithyah 6:33 Deuteronomy 12:5).
Abel-01-2020 Daughters of Yahweh Presentation
Noah-06-2020 Feast of Pentecost The Only Blessing In The Universe Comes From The House Of Yahweh. Without Yahweh There Is No Power.
Noah-21-2020 am The Plan Of Yahweh From The Beginning Shows The Corona Virus, The Seven Last Plagues And The End By Burning.
Noah-07-2020 am The Curses Seen Today, Started With Cain - Growing Steadily To The Days Of Yahweh’s House.
Noah-07-2020 pm The Curses Seen Today, Started With Cain - Growing Steadily To The Days Of Yahweh’s House.
Melchizedek-12-2020 All Establishment Is Assigned To The Daughters And Sons - The House Of Yahweh
Abraham-11-2020 The Skies Are Pouring Out Righteousness From The Satellites Invented In This Generation.
Abraham-25-2020 The Seven Last Plagues And Nuclear Burning Will All End At The Same Time.
Isaac-09-2020 The Seven Last Plagues: Destruction Can Come In One Manner; Yahweh Shows His House - Only.
Isaac-23-2020 The Coronavirus Is Going To Get Everyone Who Doesn’t Have The Mark Of Yahweh, Which Is The Seventh Day Sabbath As Taught By The House Of Yahweh.
Yahaqob-08-2020 The Coronavirus Can Not Be Stopped Except By Burning: That Spells “Nuclear War”!
Yahaqob-15-2020 The Seven Last Plagues Can Only Be Destroyed By Extreme Heat!
Yahaqob-21-2020 The Total Plan Of Mankind With Yahweh And His Kingdom Is Soon!
Yahaqob-22-2020 AM The Kingdom: The House Of Yahweh Being Built Now With “Them” Afar Off!
Yahaqob-22-2020 PM The Closing Of The Feast – Hurry Home!
Yahaqob-29-2020 The Prophecies Are Like Reading The Newspaper: Scripture Says Your Diseases Are Incurable!
Mosheh-14-2020 No, It’s Not Going To Get Better, It’s Going To Get Worse – The Coronavirus!
Mosheh-28-2020 We Have Two Years Left: Seven Plagues Including The Coronavirus!
Samuyl-12-2020 The Coronavirus Back In Power. Israyl’s Wars Of Destruction Are Being Planned. All This Will Bring About The End Of This Generation.
Samuyl-26-2020 Coronavirus: Everything Was Prophesied In The Beginning Including The Seven Last Plagues In The News, First In Prophecy.
Isayah-08-2020 The Holy Women Of New Presentation:Preparing Ourselves For Passover 2020; Considering Yahshua Messiah.
Isayah-11-2020 Everything Prophesied Is Coming To Pass In Detail For This Generation – Read Isayah 45:22.
Isayah-15-2020 The Allotted Time (6000 Years) To Satan And Mankind Is In Its Last 3-1/2 Years – The End.
Isayah-22-2020 The Meaning Of The Number 26 And The Prophecy Of The Last 3-1/2 Years Go Together.
Isayah-29-2020 Men's Presentation.
Yahshua-07-2020 The Last Three And One-Half Years Of Daniyl – This Is It, There Is No More!
Yahshua-14-2020 The Nations And Religions: Strong's Concordance Says They Have Turned To Stupidity In This Generation.
Yahshua-28-2020 We Are In The Last Three And One-Half Years Of End Times Prophecy: He Who Is For Sin Must Die By Sin.
Donkeys-05-2020 Men's Presentation
Donkeys-12-2020 We Are In The Last Three And One-Half Years. Corona Virus – Crown Of Victory. Their Victory Is Death!
Donkeys-19-2020 Women's Presentation
Donkeys-26-2020 The Changing Of The Kingdom Is Taking Place At This Time, From Satan’s God Worship To Yahweh’s Worship.
------ 2019 ------
Yahweh-15-2019 Adam And Eve Had Use Of The Subconscious Mind. Sin Cut It Off.
Yahweh-20-2019 The Subconscious Mind Will Be Given To Yahweh's Saints In This Generation.
Yahweh-21-2019 The House of Yahweh Is Renewing The Minds Bringing Them To The Point Of Walking On Water, Creating And Maintaining Flesh And Raising The Dead.
Yahweh-28-2019 The Last Three And One-Half Years Is Being Looked Forward To By The House Of Yahweh And All World Leaders.
Abel-20-2019 We Are In-between The Two Halves Of The Seven Year Peace Treaty Signed By Clinton, Arafat and Rabin.
Abel-27-2019 The False Messiahs; There Will Be Many In The Three And One Half Years That Is Cut Short.
Noah-04-2019 The House of Yahweh Established, Once Again, Is Creating And Maintaining A Righteous Body Of Priests.
Noah-05-2019 Yahweh Is Establishing His House In Heaven And In Earth In This Generation
Noah-06-2019 “One Hour Burning” Is What 4,199 Religions Are Bringing Forth In This Generation.
Noah-11-2019 We Are In The Second Half Of The Peace Plan: Greatest Time Of Trouble Ever.
Noah-18-2019 Holy Women of New Presentation
Noah-25-2019 The Last Three And One-Half Years Of The Seven Year Peace Treaty: The World Will End Here.
Melchizedek-03-2019 The Dynasty That Satan Is Setting Up To Force Out Yahweh’s Plan.
Melchizedek-10-2019 All Nations Are Talking And Building For Nuclear War As Prophesied.
Melchizedek-17-2019 Holy Men of New Presentation
Melchizedek-24-2019 Biology Proves The Holy Scriptures: The Righteousness Of Yahweh.
Abraham-01-2019 Holy Women of New Presentation
Abraham-08-2019 The Linen Represents The Righteousness Of Yahweh. The Righteousness Of Yahweh Is His Laws. Prepare To Dress In Linen For This Upcoming Feast.
Abraham-15-2019 Holy Men of New Presentation.
Abraham-22-2019 The Kingdom Of Yahweh Is The House Of Yahweh People That Yahweh Is Training To Be Sons And Daughters Who Rule As He Rules.
Abraham-29-2019 Holy Women Of New Presentation.
Isaac-07-2019 Oil, Electricity, Gasoline And Diesel By Prophecy Comes In This Generation: Tools For War.
Isaac-14-2019 Holy Men Of New Presentation.
Isaac-21-2019 The House of Yahweh And All Those Sealed Now Are Being Brought Before Heaven. Yahshua: Our Defending Attorney, And High Priest Over The House Of Yahweh.
Isaac-28-2019 Holy Women Of New Presentation.
Yahaqob-01-2019 Feast Of Trumpets.
Yahaqob-06-2019 The Beginning Of Eternity For The Righteous. It Will Be Given To The Saints Of The Most High.
Yahaqob-10-2019 Day Of Atonement.
Yahaqob-13-2019 Holy Men Of New Presentation.
Yahaqob-15-2019 Jupiter: The Universe Of The Gods. Yahweh Made The Earth For Man.
Yahaqob-16-2019 The Holy Women Of New Presentation: Fine Linen Represents The Righteousness Of The Saints #1
Yahaqob-17-2019 Jupiter Is Not A Planet. It’s Covering Is A Protective Atmosphere Housing A Universe.
Yahaqob-18-2019 Holy Men Of New Presentation.
Yahaqob-19-2019 The Holy Women Of New Presentation: Fine Linen Represents The Righteousness Of The Saints #2
Yahaqob-20-2019 The House Of Yahweh Will Be Given The Authority That Hillel/Satan Had In The Beginning And Rejected It.
Yahaqob-22-2019 Satan And The Gods (Genesis 3:5) Are Having Wars In Heaven The Same As On Earth – They Will Fail.
Yahaqob-27-2019 Yahweh’s Way To Eternal Life Was Rejected By Satan, The Gods And Mankind.
Mosheh-04-2019 The Coptic Catholics And Roman Catholics Shut The Doors To The Kingdom Of Yahweh – They Rejected Yahshua The Stone.
Mosheh-11-2019 Holy Men Of New Presentation.
Mosheh-18-2019 Nuclear Burning In Heaven And On Earth At The Same Time!
Samuyl-03-2019 NATO, The Pope’s Army: Ready For Satellite Nuclear War In Heaven And Earth.
Samuyl-10-2019 The Holy Women Of New Presentation: Inspiration In Times Of Trouble.
Samuyl-17-2019 Yahweh’s 6000 Year Plan Of Sin And Sinners.
Samuyl-24-2019 Men's Presentation
Isayah-01-2019 Two Religions At The Beginning: Yahweh’s Religion Taken Away; Satan Has Had 6000 Years To Rule.
Isayah-28-2019 1976 – Mark Of The Beast Speaks Of The Last Three And One-Half Years That We Are Going Into Shortly – President Trump Is The Pusher.
Yahshua-20-2019 This One Time Period Showing The Work Of Yahweh And The House Of The Gods, And The End. Yahshua-06-2019 Why The Crowd Is Going To The House of Yahweh.
Yahshua-27-2019 Who Will Be In The Rapture? Do Your Scriptures Reveal This Answer?
Donkeys-04-2019 The Difference In The Gods And Yahweh Is The Foretelling Of The Future In The Holy Scriptures.
Donkeys-11-2019 Men's Presentation.
Donkeys-18-2019 Men's Presentation: Kohans Speak.
Donkeys-25-2019 The Name Yahshua Proven In The King James Version. Yahshua Is The Only Prophesied Savior.
Two _Witnesses-02-2019 Women's Presentation.
Two_Witnesses-09-2019 The Kingdom Of God and Gods Versus The Kingdom Of Yahweh.
Two_Witnesses-16-2019 Men's Presentation: Kohans Speak.
Two_Witnesses-23-2019 The Kingdom Of Gods Forbid The Name Of Yahweh And Yahshua - From Cain To This Present Generation.
------ 2018 ------
1-13-2018 Men’s Presentation: Working Together For Life.
1-20-2018 Abortion, Wars And Peace By Force - Coming To An End!The Kingdom Of Yahweh Will Take Over.
1-27-2018 Mankind Is Making The Earth From Which He Was Taken, Unsupportable Of Life
2-03-2018 One Accident Away From Nuclear War! Get Yahweh’s Sacred Calendar.
2-10-2018 Unless You Fully Submit To Yahweh, You Will In No Wise Be A Part Of His Kingdom.
2-17-2018 Get Ready To Drink This Cup With Yahshua, It Requires Humility.
2-24-2018 The Names Of The Gods As Seen On The Roman Calendar Must Be Gotten Out Of Your Mouth For Salvation’s Sake!
3-03-2018 The Godworship Is Widespread, The Whole World Is Deceived (Revelation 12:9) – The Last Days’ House Of Yahweh Is Established.
3-10-2018 Women's Presentation - The Gods Bring Hatred And Sin - Get Their Names Out Of Your Mouth
3-17-2018 Men’s Presentation - Choose To Prepare For Yahshua’s Memorial.
Yahweh-01-2018 (New Moon) -The New Sacred Calendar: No God’s Names Permitted! ******* YAHWEH'S SACRED YEAR ******* (Above Names are the New Moon Names of the Calendar)
Yahweh-06-2018 Yahshua Our Example: Follow That Example And You Will Be Part Of His Kingdom.
Yahweh-13-2018 Getting Ready For Yahshua’s Memorial:The Body And Blood Of Yahshua In Us.
Yahweh-15-2018 Life Cut Off: Genesis 3. Life Given Again Under Yahshua The High Priest Over The House of Yahweh.
Yahweh-16-2018 Women's Presentation: We Didn’t Come To Be Served, We Came To Serve.
Yahweh-17-2018 Men's Presentation:Attitude Of Servitude: I Have Come To Serve.
Yahweh-19-2018 The House of Yahweh Only, Has Salvation, Here Is The Proof
Yahweh-20-2018 Men's Presentation
Yahweh-21-2018 The Plan Of Yahweh Took Thousands Of Years To Bring It About: The Plan Of The Two Witnesses Took Thousands Of Years But, They Are Now Doing Their Work.
Yahweh-27-2018 The Uprising In Syria And The Attacks Are Shown In Revelation 6 As The Quartet Prophecy.
Abel-05-2018 Women's Presentation - Women’s Presentation Choose Life, Lift Up Yahweh.
Abel-19-2018 The Black Plague Caused By Murder, STDs And Unclean Foods Is Coming Again, Then Nuclear. Abel-12-2018 Men's Presentation.
Abel-26-2018 The Plagues Mentioned In Revelation Have Got A Great Start In Damascus, Syria.
Noah-03-2018 The Pattern Of The House And Kingdom Of Yahweh Is Shown From Genesis To Revelation – You Need To Know.
Noah-06-2018 The Vatican’s Pope Is Teaching Against The Savior, Bringing Forth Sodomy As If It Were Holy And Bringing Forth Mary As If She Were Alive.
Noah-10-2018 Every Scripture Shows The House Of Yahweh Is The Only Place For Salvation. Gematria does too!
Noah-17-2018 Women's Presentation - Don’t Throw It Away! It’s Unretrievable!
Noah-24-2018 Men's Presentation - Yahweh Is Building His House And Training Us - Don’t Throw Away Your Opportunity!
Melchizedek-02-2018 The Wars Are Started In, And Around The Great River Euphrates. They Will End In Nuclear War In This Nuclear Generation.
Melchizedek-09-2018 Women's Presentation
Melchizedek-16-2018 Men's Presentation
Melchizedek-23-2018 Shut Down The World For Twelve Months, And We Promise You Peace!
Abraham-01-2018 In This Generation Everything Evil Is Identified With 666 – Everything With Yahweh Is Identified With 1074.
Abraham-22-2018 The House Of Yahweh Is Training Now, For The Authority Originally Given To Satan To Create And Maintain Flesh.
Abraham-29-2018 Damascus – The Prophecies Rest On The Prophecy Of Damascus.
Yahaqob-19-2018 Man Refused Yahweh’s Righteousness. He Chose War. It’s A Must That His Choice Be Shown, And Brought Forth.
Isaac-13-2018 The American Embassy Moved To Jerusalem To Get More Laws Put Into Action For The Fourth Beast. Women’s Presentation: Getting Ready To Meet With Yahweh.
Isaac-20-2018 Men's Presentation: Running The Race.
Isaac-27-2018 The Seventh Work Of Yahweh Is Bringing In The Everlasting Righteousness In The Greatest Time Of Trouble.
Yahaqob-01-2018 Feast of Trumpets Men’s Presentation - We Are Built By Tests And Trials To Perfect Our Love.
Yahaqob-05-2018 Women's Presentation - We Are Built By Tests And Trials To Perfect Our Love.
Yahaqob-12-2018 Men's Presentation: Witnessing The Last Days’ Prophecies
Yahaqob-15-2018 Revelation 13:10 – First Lesson Dealing With All These Prophecies Concerning The Quartet.
Yahaqob-16-2018 Women’s Presentation - Believe Into And Obey The One Sent.
Yahaqob-17-2018 Men's Presentation
Yahaqob-18-2018 Men's Presentation
Yahaqob-19-2018 Man Refused Yahweh’s Righteousness. He Chose War. It’s A Must That His Choice Be Shown, And Brought Forth.
Yahaqob-21-2018 Revelation 13:10 - It’s A “Must” That The World Burns, It’s Also A “Must” That Yahweh Saves The Remnant.
Yahaqob-22-2018 The Deep Things Of Yahweh - The Hidden Manna Of Yahweh, Is Now Being Revealed To The House of Yahweh.
Yahaqob-26-2018 Revelation 13:10 – It’s A “Must” For World War, To Prove What Sin Brings! This Message Goes To All!
Mosheh-04-2018 Yahweh’s Kingdom Of Priests, They Are Nothing Like The Catholic Church, They Are Mediators Turning People From Evil To Yahweh’s Righteousness.
Mosheh-18-2018 The Time Frame In Scriptural Prophecy Is Shown To Us In Daniyl 9. President Trump Is Trying To Get It Through At This Time!
Mosheh-25-2018 Daniyl 8 Shows The Quartet That Is Active In The Seven Year Peace Plan Shown In Chapter 9 For This Generation.
Samuyl-02-2018 Men's Presentation
Samuyl-09-2018 The Book Of Yahweh Is Prophesied And Published Only In Times Of Rebellion And War In The Peak Of Sin.
Samuyl-16-2018 Women's Presentation: What Manner Of Person Should We Be?
Samuyl-23-2018 The Body Of Believers Must Come To Complete Unity By Passover.
Samuyl-30-2018 Men's Presentation: Obey: Become Strong To Achieve A Perfect Righteousness.
Isayah-07-2018 War In Heaven And Earth In The Last Three And One Half Years Of The Seven Year Peace Treaty.
Isayah-14-2018 Men's Presentation: Preparing Ourselves For Yahweh.
Isayah-21-2018 What Yahweh Wants You To Do, To Build Up Points In Heaven.
------ 2017 ------
12-23-2017 In This Generation, The World Will Melt With Fervent Heat! There Is A Way Out!
12-09-2017 Nuclear War Is Soon To Start. Nuclear War As Seen In The Eyes Of Government Officials And Prophecy.
12-02-2017 In This Generation, The House of Yahweh Will Receive Authority From Yahweh.
11-25-2017 The Prophecies Of Yahweh’s One And Only Work For This Generation And The Gematria Back Up This Present Work Of The House of Yahweh.
11-18-2017 Satan And The Gods’ Plan Is To Destroy Mankind Along With Earth And The Heavens That Involve The Earth.
11-11-2017 The Vatican Is Led By Familiar Spirits Who Are Making Decisions For Mankind Whom They Hate.
10-28-2017 The Nations Are Lined Up To Capture The Oil Countries And To Enforce Democracy.
10-14-2017 Prophecies 100% Accurate Show Yahweh’s House Will Not Be Established Until The Last Days In The Same Generation Of The Nuclear Bomb And Time Of Knowledge Increase.
10-13-2017 (pm) Work On Your Cookbook Recipes.
10-13-2017 (am) Our Job Is The Gathering Of Yaaqob For Servants Of Yahweh.
10-07-2017 Yahweh Is Yahweh Is Forming You By Putting The Squeeze On You To Bring Glory To Yourself. You Must Bring It To Yahweh By Keeping His Law.
10-06-2017 The Wars Are Going To Come In This Generation...
09-09-2017 Yahweh Created Man For Genesis 1:26 To Be Tested (Exodus 20:20) For The Job Of Genesis 1:26.
07-22-2017 "The Many Fields Of Godworship" Only Explained At The House Of Yahweh.
07-08-2017 The Gods Of Egypt Are Worshiped By The Coptic Catholics And The Roman Catholics And All The World.
06-03-2017 The 3-1/2 Years Remaining Of The 7 Year Peace Plan Will End In Destruction. The Last Half Of The 7 Year Peace Plan Will Be In Action...
06-01pm-2017 Women's Presentation - Men's Presentation
06-01am-2017 The House of Yahweh Is Open In Heaven, It's Your Job To Look And See What Is Shown.
04-18pm-2017 The Work Of The One Sent Includes The Whole House of Yahweh Teaching The World That There Were No Gods With Yahweh.
04-18am-2017 War Going On Around Hadrach, Syria (Zecharyah 9:1). Yahweh Is Encamped About His House (Zecharyah 9:8) China Asking U.S. For Peaceful...
04-15-2017 The House Of Yahweh Is Now Proving Itself Under The Guidance Of Yahshua Messiah Bringing Forth The Greatest Gathering.
04-13-2017 Yahshua Our High Priest And The Man Called "The Branch" Builds The House of Yahweh In A Babylonish Land.
04-12-2017 The "Little Things" You Need To Learn In The Scriptures, Can Only Be Found Being Taught At The House of Yahweh.
04-08-2017 The Greatest Gathering Taking Place. The Greatest Wars About To Begin.
04-01-2017 In The News, We See The Actions Of The Beast...Also The Great Gathering
03-25-2017 The Complexity Of Yahweh's Kingdom; Fulfilling The Beginning And The End, In Advance.
03-11-2017 Women's Presentation
03-04-2017 The Greatest Gathering Is Taking Place At This Time For All Nations Of The Earth To The Protected Place
02-25-2017 Today's News And Bible Prophecy Are Both In Unity And End Showing "What Will Be, Is Nuclear War!"
02-18-2017 Men's Presentation - The Two Witnesses
02-11-2017 Women's Presentation - The Greatest Gathering
02-04-2017 The Gates Of Hell Have Prevailed In The Past Since Genesis, But Is Prophesied Not To Prevail In The Last Days
01-28-2017 Isayah 43 Speaks Of Yahweh's Last Days' Work And Yahweh's Protection Of His Work
01-21-2017 The Vatican Doesn't Read The Prophecies. "He Is Now Dividing The Land Of Israel For Gain" Which Will Bring About The Nuclear Burning
01-14-2017 Yahweh's Gathering From The Winds Of War Is Taking Place At This Time
01-07-2017 The Destruction We See In The Fourth Part Of The Earth Is Clearly Prophesied
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10-17-2016 Women's Presentation
10-01-2016 Women's Presentation
08-13-2016 Women's Presentation
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