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------- 2019 ------------
Noah-25-2019 The Last Three And One-Half Years Of The Seven Year Peace Treaty: The World Will End Here.
Noah-11-2019 We Are In The Second Half Of The Peace Plan: Greatest Time Of Trouble Ever.
Noah-06-2019 “One Hour Burning” Is What 4,199 Religions Are Bringing Forth In This Generation.
Noah-05-2019 Yahweh Is Establishing His House In Heaven And In Earth In This Generation
Noah-04-2019 The House of Yahweh Established, Once Again, Is Creating And Maintaining A Righteous Body Of Priests.
Abel-27-2019 The False Messiahs; There Will Be Many In The Three And One Half Years That Is Cut Short.
Abel-20-2019 We Are In-between The Two Halves Of The Seven Year Peace Treaty Signed By Clinton, Arafat and Rabin.
Yahweh-28-2019 The Last Three And One-Half Years Is Being Looked Forward To By The House Of Yahweh And All World Leaders.
Yahweh-21-2019 The House of Yahweh Is Renewing The Minds Bringing Them To The Point Of Walking On Water, Creating And Maintaining Flesh And Raising The Dead.
Yahweh-20-2019 The Subconscious Mind Will Be Given To Yahweh's Saints In This Generation.
Yahweh-15-2019 Adam And Eve Had Use Of The Subconscious Mind. Sin Cut It Off.
Yahshua' Memorial 2019
Two_Witnesses-23-2019 The Kingdom Of Gods Forbid The Name Of Yahweh And Yahshua - From Cain To This Present Generation.
Two_Witnesses-16-2019 Men's Presentation: Kohans Speak.
Two_Witnesses-09-2019 The Kingdom Of God and Gods Versus The Kingdom Of Yahweh.
Two_Witnesses-02-2019 Women's Presentation.
Donkeys-25-2019 The Name Yahshua Proven In The King James Version. Yahshua Is The Only Prophesied Savior.
Donkeys-18-2019 Men's Presentation: Kohans Speak.
Donkeys-11-2019 Men's Presentation.
Donkeys-04-2019 The Difference In The Gods And Yahweh Is The Foretelling Of The Future In The Holy Scriptures.
Yahshua-27-2019 Who Will Be In The Rapture? Do Your Scriptures Reveal This Answer?
Yahshua-20-2019 This One Time Period Showing The Work Of Yahweh And The House Of The Gods, And The End. Yahshua-06-2019 Why The Crowd Is Going To The House of Yahweh.
Isayah-28-2019 1976 – Mark Of The Beast Speaks Of The Last Three And One-Half Years That We Are Going Into Shortly – President Trump Is The Pusher.
------- 2018 ------------
Isayah-21-2018 What Yahweh Wants You To Do, To Build Up Points In Heaven.
Isayah-14-2018 Men's Presentation: Preparing Ourselves For Yahweh.
Isayah-07-2018 War In Heaven And Earth In The Last Three And One Half Years Of The Seven Year Peace Treaty.
Samuyl-30-2018 Men's Presentation: Obey: Become Strong To Achieve A Perfect Righteousness.
Samuyl-23-2018 The Body Of Believers Must Come To Complete Unity By Passover.
Samuyl-16-2018 Women's Presentation: What Manner Of Person Should We Be?
Samuyl-09-2018 The Book Of Yahweh Is Prophesied And Published Only In Times Of Rebellion And War In The Peak Of Sin.
Samuyl-02-2018 Men's Presentation
Mosheh-25-2018 Daniyl 8 Shows The Quartet That Is Active In The Seven Year Peace Plan Shown In Chapter 9 For This Generation.
Mosheh-18-2018  The Time Frame In Scriptural Prophecy Is Shown To Us In Daniyl 9. President Trump Is Trying To Get It Through At This Time!
Mosheh-04-2018 Yahweh’s Kingdom Of Priests, They Are Nothing Like The Catholic Church, They Are Mediators Turning People From Evil To Yahweh’s Righteousness.
Yahaqob-26-2018 Revelation 13:10 – It’s A “Must” For World War, To Prove What Sin Brings! This Message Goes To All!
Yahaqob-22-2018 The Deep Things Of Yahweh - The Hidden Manna Of Yahweh, Is Now Being Revealed To The House of Yahweh.
Yahaqob-21-2018 Revelation 13:10 - It’s A “Must” That The World Burns, It’s Also A “Must” That Yahweh Saves The Remnant.
Yahaqob-19-2018 Man Refused Yahweh’s Righteousness. He Chose War. It’s A Must That His Choice Be Shown, And Brought Forth.
Yahaqob-18-2018 Men's Presentation
Yahaqob-17-2018 Men's Presentation
Yahaqob-16-2018 Women’s Presentation - Believe Into And Obey The One Sent.
Yahaqob-15-2018 Revelation 13:10 – First Lesson Dealing With All These Prophecies Concerning The Quartet.
Yahaqob-12-2018 Men's Presentation: Witnessing The Last Days’ Prophecies
Yahaqob-05-2018 Women's Presentation - We Are Built By Tests And Trials To Perfect Our Love.
Yahaqob-01-2018 Feast of Trumpets Men’s Presentation - We Are Built By Tests And Trials To Perfect Our Love.
Isaac-27-2018 The Seventh Work Of Yahweh Is Bringing In The Everlasting Righteousness In The Greatest Time Of Trouble.
Isaac-20-2018 Men's Presentation: Running The Race.
Isaac-13-2018 The American Embassy Moved To Jerusalem To Get More Laws Put Into Action For The Fourth Beast. Women’s Presentation: Getting Ready To Meet With Yahweh.
Abraham-29-2018 Damascus – The Prophecies Rest On The Prophecy Of Damascus.
Abraham-22-2018 The House Of Yahweh Is Training Now, For The Authority Originally Given To Satan To Create And Maintain Flesh.
Abraham-01-2018 In This Generation Everything Evil Is Identified With 666 – Everything With Yahweh Is Identified With 1074.
Melchizedek-23-2018 Shut Down The World For Twelve Months, And We Promise You Peace!
Melchizedek-16-2018 Men's Presentation
Melchizedek-09-2018 Women's Presentation
Melchizedek-02-2018 The Wars Are Started In, And Around The Great River Euphrates. They Will End In Nuclear War In This Nuclear Generation.
Noah-24-2018 Men's Presentation - Yahweh Is Building His House And Training Us - Don’t Throw Away Your Opportunity!
Noah-17-2018 Women's Presentation - Don’t Throw It Away! It’s Unretrievable!
Noah-10-2018 Every Scripture Shows The House Of Yahweh Is The Only Place For Salvation. Gematria does too!
Noah-06-3018 The Vatican’s Pope Is Teaching Against The Savior, Bringing Forth Sodomy As If It Were Holy And Bringing Forth Mary As If She Were Alive.
Noah-03-2018 The Pattern Of The House And Kingdom Of Yahweh Is Shown From Genesis To Revelation – You Need To Know.
Abel-26-2018 The Plagues Mentioned In Revelation Have Got A Great Start In Damascus, Syria.
Abel-19-2018 The Black Plague Caused By Murder, STDs And Unclean Foods Is Coming Again, Then Nuclear. Abel-12-2018 Men's Presentation
Abel-05-2018 Women's Presentation - Women’s Presentation Choose Life, Lift Up Yahweh.
Yahweh-27-2018 The Uprising In Syria And The Attacks Are Shown In Revelation 6 As The Quartet Prophecy.
Yahweh-21-2018 The Plan Of Yahweh Took Thousands Of Years To Bring It About: The Plan Of The Two Witnesses Took Thousands Of Years But, They Are Now Doing Their Work.
Yahweh-20-2018 Men's Presentation
Yahweh-19-2018 The House of Yahweh Only, Has Salvation, Here Is The Proof.
Yahweh-17-2018 Men's Presentation:Attitude Of Servitude: I Have Come To Serve.
Yahweh-16-2018 Women's Presentation: We Didn’t Come To Be Served, We Came To Serve.
Yahweh-15-2018 Life Cut Off: Genesis 3. Life Given Again Under Yahshua The High Priest Over The House of Yahweh.
Yahweh-13-2018 Getting Ready For Yahshua’s Memorial:The Body And Blood Of Yahshua In Us.
Yahweh-06-2018 Yahshua Our Example: Follow That Example And You Will Be Part Of His Kingdom.
Yahweh-01-2018 (New Moon) -The New Sacred Calendar: No God’s Names Permitted! ******* YAHWEH'S SACRED YEAR ******* (Above Names are the New Moon Names of the Calendar)
03-17-2018 Men’s Presentation - Choose To Prepare For Yahshua’s Memorial.
03-10-2018 Women's Presentation - The Gods Bring Hatred And Sin - Get Their Names Out Of Your Mouth
03-03-2018 The Godworship Is Widespread, The Whole World Is Deceived (Revelation 12:9) – The Last Days’ House Of Yahweh Is Established.
02-24-2018 The Names Of The Gods As Seen On The Roman Calendar Must Be Gotten Out Of Your Mouth For Salvation’s Sake!
02-17-2018 Get Ready To Drink This Cup With Yahshua, It Requires Humility.
02-10-2018 Unless You Fully Submit To Yahweh, You Will In No Wise Be A Part Of His Kingdom.
02-03-2018 One Accident Away From Nuclear War! Get Yahweh’s Sacred Calendar.
01-27-2018 Mankind Is Making The Earth From Which He Was Taken, Unsupportable Of Life
01-20-2018 Abortion, Wars And Peace By Force - Coming To An End!The Kingdom Of Yahweh Will Take Over.
01-13-2018 Men’s Presentation: Working Together For Life.

------- 2017 ------------ 
12-23-2017 In This Generation, The World Will Melt With Fervent Heat! There Is A Way Out!
12-09-2017 Nuclear War Is Soon To Start. Nuclear War As Seen In The Eyes Of Government Officials And Prophecy.
12-02-2017 In This Generation, The House of Yahweh Will Receive Authority From Yahweh.
11-25-2017 The Prophecies Of Yahweh’s One And Only Work For This Generation And The Gematria Back Up This Present Work Of The House of Yahweh.
11-18-2017 Satan And The Gods’ Plan Is To Destroy Mankind Along With Earth And The Heavens That Involve The Earth.
11-11-2017 The Vatican Is Led By Familiar Spirits Who Are Making Decisions For Mankind Whom They Hate.
10-28-2017 The Nations Are Lined Up To Capture The Oil Countries And To Enforce Democracy.
10-14-2017 Prophecies 100% Accurate Show Yahweh’s House Will Not Be Established Until The Last Days In The Same Generation Of The Nuclear Bomb 
And Time Of Knowledge Increase. 
10-13-2017 (pm) Work On Your Cookbook Recipes.
10-13-2017(am) Our Job Is The Gathering Of Yaaqob For Servants Of Yahweh.
10-07-2017  Yahweh Is Yahweh Is Forming You By Putting The Squeeze On You To Bring Glory To Yourself. You Must Bring It To Yahweh By Keeping His Law.
10-06-2017 The Wars Are Going To Come In This Generation...
09-09-2017 Yahweh Created Man For Genesis 1:26 To Be Tested (Exodus 20:20) For The Job Of Genesis 1:26.
07-22-2017 "The Many Fields Of Godworship" Only Explained At The House Of Yahweh.
07-08-2017  The Gods Of Egypt Are Worshiped By The Coptic Catholics And The Roman Catholics And All The World.
06-03-2017  The 3-1/2 Years Remaining Of The 7 Year Peace Plan Will End In Destruction. The Last Half Of The 7 Year Peace Plan Will Be In Action...
06-01pm-2017 Women's Presentation - Men's Presentation
06-01am-2017 The House of Yahweh Is Open In Heaven, It's Your Job To Look And See What Is Shown.
04-18pm-2017 The Work Of The One Sent Includes The Whole House of Yahweh Teaching The World That There Were No Gods With Yahweh.
04-18am-2017 War Going On Around Hadrach, Syria (Zecharyah 9:1). Yahweh Is Encamped About His House (Zecharyah 9:8) China Asking U.S. For Peaceful...
04-15-2017  The House Of Yahweh Is Now Proving Itself Under The Guidance Of Yahshua Messiah Bringing Forth The Greatest Gathering.
04-13-2017  Yahshua Our High Priest And The Man Called "The Branch" Builds The House of Yahweh In A Babylonish Land.
04-12-2017  The "Little Things" You Need To Learn In The Scriptures, Can Only Be Found Being Taught At The House of Yahweh.
04-08-2017  The Greatest Gathering Taking Place. The Greatest Wars About To Begin.
04-01-2017  In The News, We See The Actions Of The Beast...Also The Great Gathering
03-25-2017  The Complexity Of Yahweh's Kingdom; Fulfilling The Beginning And The End, In Advance.
03-11-2017  Women's Presentation
03-04-2017  The Greatest Gathering Is Taking Place At This Time For All Nations Of The Earth To The Protected Place
02-25-2017  Today's News And Bible Prophecy Are Both In Unity And End Showing "What Will Be, Is Nuclear War!"
02-18-2017  Men's Presentation - The Two Witnesses
02-11-2017  Women's Presentation - The Greatest Gathering
02-04-2017  The Gates Of Hell Have Prevailed In The Past Since Genesis, But Is Prophesied Not To Prevail In The Last Days
01-28-2017  Isayah 43 Speaks Of Yahweh's Last Days' Work And Yahweh's Protection Of His Work
01-21-2017  The Vatican Doesn't Read The Prophecies. "He Is Now Dividing The Land Of Israel For Gain" Which Will Bring About The Nuclear Burning
01-14-2017  Yahweh's Gathering From The Winds Of War Is Taking Place At This Time
01-07-2017  The Destruction We See In The Fourth Part Of The Earth Is Clearly Prophesied
------- 2016 ------------
 10-17-2016 Women's Presentation
 10-01-2016 Women's Presentation
 08-13-2016 Women's Presentation
 06-04-2016 Women's Presentation
 04-30-2016 pm
 04-30-2016 am
 04-29-2016 pm Women's Presentation
 04-29-2016 am
 04-26-2016 Women's Presentation
 01-16-2016 Women's Presentation