Who is Yahweh?!

You would think that everyone in the world would know the Name of the Creator, but only a few know. Yahweh is the One Who inspired the Holy Scriptures to which most people refer to as the bible. However, that’s not the name given by Inspiration and written by Yahweh’s Prophets and Yahshua’s Disciples whom Yahweh gave to Yahshua.

Who is Yahshua?!

You would think that everyone on earth would know the Name of the Prophesied Savior, Who was born the Son of Man, lived a sinless life, taught the Laws of Yahweh, and was hated and murdered for the same. All of which was foretold by Yahweh’s Prophets hundreds of years before it came to pass. It was foretold and written in The Book of Yahweh.
Isayah 34:16
Search out The Book of Yahweh, and read. Not one of these will be neglected. For it is written: Yahweh is their Shepherd; they shall not want; for His Mouth has commanded it, and His Spirit has gathered them.

Yahweh’s Plan for mankind is…


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