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THE BOOK OF YAHWEH - The Holy Scriptures..

The Book of Yahweh, The Holy Scriptures
- $49.00 -   please call for available stock
For hundreds of years now, most scholars of the inspired, Holy Scriptures have known that The Holy Scriptures have been misused and abused, not only by the early scribes, but also by the translators themselves. Many phrases have been deliberately mistranslated in order to hide their meaning. End your quest here for the most accurate translation of the Holy Scriptures. Many scholars and theologians agree that our translation of the Holy Scriptures, entitled The Book of Yahweh, is the closest to the oldest known Hebrew manuscripts.
* Uses the true Name of the Creator
* Uses the correct titles when referring to our Creator.
- See how it looks and what's in it - Read Sample Pages

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The Book of Yahweh Study Guide- $35.00 
This book is filled with facts that you need to know on how deceived this world  is and how all the  world is caught  up in the realm of the worship of gods!

The Book of Yisrayl: Making The Connection With Yahweh- $29.95

Enjoy reading the sermons of Yahweh's Last Days' Witness that have been transcribed and compiled in books! The Books of Yisrayl are available in different volumes covering such subjects as Making The Connection With Yahweh - Going On To Perfection - The Sealing Of The Saints - Reverencing Yahweh - The Kingdom Of Priests - Believe Without Seeing - And Teachers Of Righteousness.
These books will help enlighten your mind to the understanding of man's purpose here on earth. You can learn how to make connection with our Creator and how to come to perfection through reverencing Him as His Saints in order to become a part of His Kingdom of Priests - the ones who truly believe in all that the prophets has spoken. Each book is filled with hundreds of pages containing years of sermons spanning decades of teachings in The House of Yahweh.

The Second Book of Yisrayl: Going On To Perfection- $35.00

The Third Book of Yisrayl: The Sealing Of The Saints- $29.95

The Fourth Book of Yisrayl: Reverencing Yahweh- $29.95

The Fifth Book of Yisrayl: The Kingdom Of Priests- $29.95

The Sixth Book of Yisrayl: Believe Without Seeing- $35.00

The Seventh Book of Yisrayl: Teachers Of Righteousness, Part 1- $29.95

The Seventh Book of Yisrayl: Teachers Of Righteousness, Part 2- $29.95

The Eighth Book of Yisrayl: Persecuted But Not Forsaken, Part 1- $35.00

The Eight Book of Yisrayl: Persecuted But Not Forsaken, Part 2- $29.95

(Volumes 9-14 are also available as well as "those in the making." - Please call for details)
The Beginning Of The End- $39.95

Are you feeding yourself with Yahweh's Words? NOW AVAILABLE!
A full-color complete collection of Prophetic Words and Newsletters from the year 2007, bound together in one book.
Review lessons you learned on the Two Witnesses, The House of Yahweh Established, The REAL Cause of Global Warming and much, much more!
This Book is VITAL to your SALVATION!

Birth Of The Nuclear Baby--The Explosion Of Sin- $25.00

It's Not Science Fiction!
It's 100% TRUE and COMING SOON!
The Birth of The Nuclear Baby contains details on an amazing prophecy - one-third of men over a fourth part of the earth in and around the great River Euphrates killed in nuclear war!
You need to know this information and what you can do... You need this book.READ MORE.

The Mark of the Beast, Volume 1- $10.00

In the pages of this book you will find Past Prophecies that have been fulfilled and you will find Future Prophecies that have yet to come to pass. Each and every one of these Prophecies has a very definite involvement in the lives of everyone living in this current Age. The fulfilled Prophecies of the Past not only prove that we can definitely TRUST and BASE OUR FUTURES on the Prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled, but they will make us more knowledgeable about the events that are to take place in the future. Some have guessed at what The Mark Of The Beast might be - now find out the truth to what The Mark actually is…  READ MORE.

The Mark of the Beast, Volume 2- $25.00

The Mark of the Beast Set- (Volumes 1 &2)  $30.00

Why The Holy Garments?- $15.00

What are the garments described in the Holy Scriptures for both men and women to wear in order to glorify our Heavenly Father Yahweh? What is their significance? Find out and see how the commandment for wearing these garments helps us to make contact with our Heavenly Father in study and prayer.

Deceptions Concerning Yahweh's Calendar Of Events- $20.00

With all the misunderstanding of what it means to keep the feasts of our Heavenly Father correctily, this book is essential to your understanding. What does it mean to "keep the feasts?" Why is it important and why do millions of people keep the wrong days and make these holy days into their "own feasts" as the prophet Isayah referred to in Isayah Chapter One. Find out how you can know from the clear and preceise instruction found in the pages of the Holy Writings on how The House of Yahweh keeps the true Feasts of  Yahweh.

Did Yahshua Messiah Did Yahshua Messiah Pre-exist?- $12.50

The True Savior sent by the Father: the Savior brought forth in the Holy Scriptures, is far DIFFERENT from the one "preached" by the Churches and ithe Assemblies all over this world today. Few people realize this fact, prmimarily because the inspried Scriptures which were written for our instruction, has been twised and even deliberately mistranslated, in order to make them fit ithe popular beliefs of the majority of the religious world.
Find the truth about this most misunderstood subject and see the proof from the Holy Scriptures revealed.

The Sabbath, Every Question Answered- $15.00

In this book, you will have every question you can imagine answered on how to keep the Seventh Day Sabbath holy and pleasing to our Heavenly Father Yahweh. You'll also learn of the deception and the lies being taught in order to confuse and take away from the observance of the seventh day weekly Sabbath and the Holy Days known as Sabbaths within the Feasts of Yahweh.  This book unveils these lies and gives the pure truth of these days which a shadow of protection for all who observe them in the way Yahweh commanded.

Devil Worship--The Shocking Facts!- $15.00

In this enlightening book you find the truth concerning the following information:
Chapter 1 - Just What Is Devil Worship?
Chapter 2 - The Result Of Devil Worship - Continual War!
Chapter 3 - The Result Of Devil Worship - The AIDS Epidemic!
Chapter 4 - Devil Worship Is The Celebration Of Pagan Holidays!
Chapter 5 - Devil Worship Is The Worship Of Sex! Lust, Perversion & Depravity!
Chapter 6 - Devil Worship Is The Celebration Of Birthdays! Idolatry & Abomination!
Chapter 7 - Devil Worship Is The Eating Of Things Sacrificed To Idols!
Chapter 8 - Devil Worship - How To Identify A Servant Of Satan
Chapter 9 - Devil Worship - Why Satan's Rebellion Is Allowed
Chapter 10 - Devil Worship - The Last Seven Years, The Time Of Trouble
Chapter 11 - Devil Worship - A Curse Causeless Will Not Come
Chapter 12 - Devil Worship - Why Do Churches And Schools Teach Satan Worship,Instead of The Holy Scriptures?

Unveiling Satan! Her True Identity Revealed- $39.95

This book reveals the deceptions fostered by Satan which are causing this world to rush headlong to nuclear annihilation.
At last, we are able to understand WHY Lucifer rebelled, and WHY she spent almost 6,000 years to deceive the whole world, as Revelation 12:9 says she has.
Some of the facts written in this book were well-known in the 15th century. However, many documents containing these facts were destroyed in the book burnings until the 17th century.
This was Lucifer's attempt to further disguise herself in her quest to keep the whole world deceived.
At last, the veil is being removed!

View an excerpt from this book..

Can We Avoid The Next Holocaust?- $10.00

What caused this horrific even to occur in history? Find out in the pages of this book.

In Search Of A Savior- $10.00

The 'savior' that is taught in homes, schools and churches today, is obviously a FALSE SAVIOR. His name is NOT THE NAME OF THE TRUE SAVIOR written in the original manuscripts - not in the words
of the Prophets of Old, nor in the testimony recorded in what is called the "New Testament." His TEACHINGS ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE to the teachings of the true Savior as prophesied by the Prophets in the original manuscripts, either.

There is Someone Out There!- $12.50

ARE WE THE ONLY BEINGS that inhabit the Universe? Is there intelligent life somewhere other than on Earth? If so, are they more intelligent than we?
How did mankind come to exist on Earth and why are we confined to it? Is man's existence a coincidence, or do we have a purpose?
How did Earth and the heavenly bodies that govern it come into existence? How do they remain so perfectly consistent in their paths, without losing or gaining speed -not even by one second?
How did the Universe begin? Could it have been the result of some 'cosmic explosion'? Or could it be that there is some kind of super intelligence in control of the design and mainteneance of all the moving heavenly bodies? And if there is someone in control, who or what is it?
What is mankind's existence leading to? Will it ever come to an end? Is man living up to his true potential? What is man's potential?
Mankind has been trying to answer these questions for thousands of years, but so far modern science and religion have provided only theories. This most fascinating book picks up where scientists, scholars, astronomers and theologians leave off. In it, you will find the answers to these questions as well as many others -answers that are based upon ABSOLUTE, UNDENIABLE FACTS.

The End- $10.00

Mankind can no longer afford to continue on their destructive path. Too many nations now possess nuclear weapons that can destroy the world. We must turn to Yahweh and His Laws of Peace now!
All of Daniyl's prophecies have come to pass, except for the destruction which will end the Seven Year Plan of Peace. This will be the worst time of trouble ever for all nations. We only have a few months left of this Seven Year Plan. It was signed September 13, 1993 and went into effect October 13, 1993. The plan had been inactive - but now...
We have very little time left, before the GREATEST DESTRUCTION EVER in the history of mankind surely comes upon all nations.
This book was written to warn the whole world, leaders and people alike, of what the Bible says is coming upon the world, why it is coming and what can be done to save yourself and your family.

The Peaceful Solution, Volume 1- $15.00

In these books, you wil find the only true way to individual and worldwide peace. There is no way that anyone can go contrary to the Laws in these book and live a peaceful life. Everyone wants peace, but without the willingness to persist in keeping the Laws of peace, everyone brings curses upon themselves and others.
Find out why these Laws are not taught today in the various religions, even though breaking these Laws of peace is causing immeasurable suffering and financial burden to the peole of all nations. You will be shocked to find out who has been holding back the information found in these books, and preventing it from being taught anywhere in the world...

The Peaceful Solution, Volume 2- $15.00 - Temporarily Out of Stock

The Peaceful Solution, Volume 3- $15.00

The Peaceful Solution, Volume 4- $15.00

The Peaceful Solution, Volume 5- $15.00

You Must Not Steal- $7.00

Learn how if this one Law of peace was taught and applied in the lives of  all individuals, that untold harm, hurt, misery, destruction and even death could be prevented. You will be suprised to find out exactly what "stealing" entails because this is one of the most overlooked and broken Laws of all those written in the pages of the Holy Scriptures. It would be easy to say that  most people do not even know exactly what "stealing" actually is. Find out in this incredible book that will help change your life!
The Lost Faith of the Apostles and Prophets- $19.00

Although the holy scriptures have warnings and  instructions for every man, woman,and child who has ever lived or will ever live, the Creator YAHWEH, who inspired the holy scriptures, and His son, Yahshua, our Messiah, deal most intimately with a single group of people. These people are called out of, though not away from, the rest of the world, by the power of the Holy Spirit working within the mind of the individual.
It is this people, whether singular or as a group, that this book deals with. Through this book, a person may recognize and acquaint himself or herself with these particular people - this group, as they have been described and identified in the many histories and prophecies written in the Holy Bible.
May the many blessings of Yahweh be with you as you study this book with your Bible. READ MORE.

Preparedness Handbook- $5.00

Learn how to prepare for the upcoming destruction and horrors that awaits mankind through war, famine and disease!

Thanks for your order or interest!
May Yahweh bless your understanding.

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