A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Only Yahweh has the ability to create and foretell events. Reading Isayah 43:10—Before Me there was no God formed, nor will there be after Me.
Yahweh has always been, and He will always be. He is our living Heavenly Father. Gods are useless.

We heard from two Sons of Yisrayl today who spoke about Yahweh’s Protection and How Sin Affects the microbes.

The Great Kohan Parayah expounded on the sureness of Yahweh’s Prophecies and Promises. Among the many verses he covered are II Timayah 3:1-5, II Corinthians 11:3, 13-15, Genesis 3:1-5, Acts 24:13-14, Revelation 3:10, and Mattithyah 24:13. Our foundation and stability are is on the Laws and Prophets; and whatever it takes, whatever situations we face, we should keep our first goal, our first love before us and endure until the end. The Kohan reminds us to “live by the every Word of Yahweh,” rather than complain about perceived delays in time. Focus on our own overcoming. Reading Revelation 21:1-7, remember our success is based on obedience.

The Great Kohan Yliyah presented the news and a study on key Scriptures and numbers that build on Yisrayl’s white stone of acquittal vision. He pointed out the outcomes from either obedience or disobedience to Yahweh’s Laws as taught by His House – The House of Yahweh.

Yisrayl Hawkins

With world events and Prophecies all falling into place at this time, along with so many efforts to establish peace, Yisrayl Hawkins asks the obvious question, “Where’s the peace?”

With Isayah 43 as central to his message, the following are but a few of the main points, Yisrayl covered today…

• Yahweh’s 6,000-year Plan ranged from Adam/Eve to the Last Days’ Work, which comes from the ends of the earth. Those who have studied with Yisrayl over the years know he refers to Oklahoma, the place of his birth in 1934. This time marks the beginning of the last generation.
• Yahweh’s awesomeness cannot be denied – He brought Righteous genes down through the six thousand years of man’s history, and Yisrayl points out that those who obey Yahweh today, have their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
• There is no doubt that Yahweh is in control of His Plan when we comprehend how Yahweh presented a type of “televised message” to His Prophets. They recorded what they saw the Last Days’ Witness teaching via this futuristic vision, and we, in this generation, read, study, and learn from their words. How incredible is that?
• Is it any wonder that those who truly know Yahweh (not just how to pronounce His Name) would NOT be affected by the boasts of the world? Only Yahweh has complete, perfect, Knowledge.
• How does Yahweh form us? Our minds and hearts are changed – we learn to love Yahweh, His Laws, Statutes, and Judgments.

In Conclusion: After reading I Yahchanan 3:4-12, Yisrayl admonishes each of us to guard ourselves from the ways of the Gods, the ways of the world.