The Book of Yisrayl – Volume 2 – Going On To Perfection


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The Books of Yisrayl are an ongoing collection of books that provide a written transcript of Yisrayl Hawkins’ weekly Sabbath and Feast sermons. Instructive, lively, and informative are but a few of the words to describe this dynamic speaker and knowledgeable man of Scripture. Anyone who is anyone knows that Yisrayl speaks of news today in relation to the Holy Scriptures, bringing out the root cause of problems by discussing them thoroughly, evaluating all aspects in detail, and accompanying them with tangible solutions. In this, he is unparalleled. This is the man spoken of by Yahweh by the mouth of the Prophets. This is the man of Yahweh – the Last Days’ Witness.

The Books of Yisrayl by Volume

Volume 1 – 4 of The Books of Yisrayl bring together many of Yisrayl Hawkins’ most notable sermons given in series format. Specific topics are thoroughly taught over a period of weeks or months. Examples include, Going on to Perfection, Sealing of the Saints, and Gulf War Series are among these collective works.

Beginning in 2005, Yisrayl’s sermons are compiled by the year in which they were delivered. Therefore, the reader is at liberty to choose a specific time according to an event such as a weather disaster, disease outbreak, conflict, or scientific breakthrough. Then again, the reader may choose a volume based on that particular year’s overall general theme, which is reflected in the title of that volume – Persecuted but not Forsaken and Believe without Seeing, are but two examples.

Overall, the Books of Yisrayl are akin to a scriptural analysis. Yisrayl’s vision, as a young seventeen-year-old man, was to write a full bible commentary and his dream has come to fruition by way of The Books of Yisrayl in his and our lifetime.

Collect them all and repeat the benefits of hours of teaching based on a life’s worth of accumulated knowledge by a man led and inspired of by our Living Father and our Creator, Yahweh.

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4 reviews for The Book of Yisrayl – Volume 2 – Going On To Perfection

  1. Ellen Lee

    This book is such a wealth of knowledge. The answer to ANY problem you face in your everyday life is in here… Dealing with your family, work situations, overcoming personal problems, depression, endurance, motivation, encouragement… On and on. There are explanations on the importance of the work of Yahweh, tithing, who Satan is, the temple being rebuilt, the list truly goes on and on. If you can only get one book… This is the one to get. I refer to it on a near-daily basis and have yet to find one thing not covered in it! I truly believe we are able to convert to total righteousness by using this book.

  2. Sierra

    The 2nd Book of Yisrayl was my first Book of Yisrayl I read, it is a foundational Book in the Books published from the House of Yahweh in my opinion, just like the 4th Book of Yisrayl is. This is a beutifully written book, the series speaks on Going into Pefection, but within this series there is SO much, I mean SO much information brough out, it is a book you will re read over and over and continue to reference, in my own book I have highlighted so many pages and paragraphs of reminders of the knowledge brought out.
    This book also speaks alot about the planets, our future powers and abilities, the Law, tithing and so much more. Truly a fantastic book to open your mind to so much, i truly highly reccomend this book.

  3. Shirah

    This book of Yisrayl is absolutely hands down my best liked! It covers what it truly means to go on to perfection in a simple, down to earth way. It’s definitely inspired by Yahweh.

  4. HOYlittleone

    When I found out we could review, this was the first book I looked for to review. My son was a little baby when I read this book for the first time and I read it every night to put him to sleep. I would get so into the book my son would fall asleep but I had to keep reading, plus I’d play the sermons during the day and through the night. It teaches both husband and wife and even children where our places are. I need this book so much I have a hard time reading other books I always want to go back to this one. It basically teaches everyone where our places are no matter your situation. Praise Yahweh for this book!

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