Can We Avoid The Next Holocaust?


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Can we avoid the next holocaust?

In his book Can We Avoid the Next Holocaust, Yisrayl Hawkins tackles the difficult questions,

guides our search for truth, digs up the lies and boldly discloses the facts.

Yisrayl Hawkins, historian and biblical scholar, traces his lineage to Aaron the Priest. He writes,

not to revisit historical events, but to explain why the suffering came upon the Hebrew people

and what can be done today to avoid another catastrophic event.


Look at the evidence


Detailing the history, Yisrayl exposes lies we have inherited, how we were led to forget

Yahweh’s Name, and how Adonai-El-Elohim originated.


Taking away the excuses


Yisrayl takes a hard look at our explanations and one-by-one debunks long held beliefs – the

main one being that Yahweh’s Name is too holy to pronounce. He explains why this mindset

has been, not only wrong, but also detrimental to our being able to achieve lasting peace,

health, and joyous living.


Choose to listen and obey our Heavenly Father Yahweh


Yahweh has a Plan and Yisrayl reveals the Truth of Yahweh’s Plan and the keeping of His

Covenant. Traditions have crept into our lives and the suffering followed.

Today, what can learn what Yahweh tells us to do and discover how every man, woman, and

child can avoid further suffering.

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2 reviews for Can We Avoid The Next Holocaust?

  1. Stephen Richard

    This book should be read by every national leader. They are responsible for the well being of their citizens who elected them into office. Most political figures seem to forget that the decisions they make on a daily basis has a affect on the everyday life of each person under their leadership. That’s what leaders should remember, they are leaders not overlords. No citizen wants to be lorded over, they want to be lead so they can have a peaceful and productive daily life. I’ve noticed over the years, keeping up with the news, that most issues that lead to discontent and wars are always started in some other nation that wants what the other nation has. It could be money, it could be natural resources such as gold, oil, coal, forests, gas and most recently water. When national leaders make the decision to go after these resources they forget that people will be harmed or killed in the other nation as well as the retaliation that will come into their own nation against their own people. This book shows the plans of the nations and why they made the decisions that they made. And what the effects of these decisions will be. We can avoid the next holocaust, if the peaceful solution character education program is taught by these national leaders and if they would begin following the teachings of Yahweh. This book reveals the past, present and future of how national leaders choices have brought nothing but war, misery, suffering, starvation, and death to the people of their own nations and why it’s continuing to this very day. This book will show how making choices based on Yahweh’s 613 Laws of peace can change the outcome from what it has been to a peaceful solution with peace and abundant living for all nations.

  2. Robert Franza

    This book will show you the history behind the sufferings of the Hebrew peoples throughout the generations, as well as what the Hebrew people did to bring about this suffering. This book will also explain the prophecies that so plainly deal with the Hebrew people of today. It will also show the nation Isreal as well as its allies the true way to having everlasting peace. A must read for serious bible students and researchers.

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