The House of Yahweh Calendar

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How excellent is Your Great Name in
all the earth, Yahweh our Father…
You have Your Glory firmly set
above the starry frame.
~Psalm 8:1~

Pastor’s Psalm

I found my part in The House of Yahweh Among the Saints, the chosen ones

I was taught the Laws—the Peaceful Solution

The way to peace, and joy, and love

Chorus: And if l endure, if I remain in The House of Yahweh

I’ll find my part in Yahweh Shammah

I found my work in The House of Yahweh

My labor of love, I freely gave

We taught the Laws to the

war-raging nations About 2 billion souls to save

Chorus: And if they repent and convert to the Peaceful Solution

They’ll find great peace through Yahweh Shammah

The universe is our next assignment

We’ll teach the angels righteousness

We’ve armed ourselves with the Peaceful Solution

The Plan Yahweh brought from the east, to the west

Chorus: They’ll change their laws to those of Father Yahweh

Receiving peace through Yahweh Shammah

Our calendars are not only for knowing the day of the moon, but also for learning Yahweh’s Word as they are packed with information that you and your family need to know in these last days!