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Only Two Years Left….
2021 = a weapon of war
2022 = mountain, promotion

Well, Yahweh has pulled you out of the building the weapons of war. And He has put you now in this generation to building, finishing up this Priesthood that will not create death but resurrect those that died as a result of sin. There would be no death if it wasn’t for sin. When we started that ball to rolling, when Adam started that ball to rolling, he started the earth to dying, to defiling itself, started the heavens–because the blood cried out–started them to dying in the universe, in the atmosphere. And of course, the longer that man has lived, the worse it has become. And now in these Last Days, we’re seeing the energy, the extreme energy that it’s going to take to fulfill a Scripture that I brought this morning and that is the burning, the great burning that will purify and try to clean up, it will clean up, the earth. But it will burn it to where it’s melting to do so. But even with that, Yahweh will save you. He has a way of protecting you and you’ve got to trust in Him. You’ve got to set your heart to do His Will. You’ve got to set your heart to turn from death. Every time you sin, you bring death. That’s what you’ve got to stop. Set your heart to bring Life from now on. If you show Yahweh that you love life that much then we will not all die, as one of the Apostles was inspired to write. We will not all die but we will be changed and then we will start changing the entire universe along with those who have died before us as the result of sin. —Overseer Yisrayl Hawkins, 4/21/2014

Our calendars are not only for knowing the day of the moon, but also for learning Yahweh’s Word as they are packed with information that you and your family need to know in these last days!